Tweet Anyone who has traveled extensively knows just how tiring this process can be. In addition to dealing with new time zones, you might also find yourself struggling with uncomfortable airport seats and cold airplane cabins for hours at a time. Whether you are heading to see your family for the holidays or traveling to […]

Tweet There is plenty of work to do before getting ready to leave on your next vacation. Although you may spend a significant amount of time on packing, there are several other steps to take to prepare for your travels a little more safely. To ensure you have peace of mind and can protect your […]

Tweet Even when you are headed to an amazing destination, the act of traveling is not always easy. After spending hours in airports and bus terminals, many travelers find themselves feeling tired, cranky, thirsty, and disconnected from the world. Here are four items that you might want to consider bringing on your next trip in […]

Tweet When traveling abroad, you’ll need all the basics that are required when traveling domestically, but taking along a few extra items can make your international trip easier and more pleasant. The following 6 items are things you’ll want to pack on your next trip abroad. 3. High Tech Backpack The Energi+ Backpack from TYLT […]

Tweet Vacations are fun and relaxing times where you enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your friends and family. However, vacations can become very stressful if you don’t do the proper amount of planning. Simply waiting until the last minute to put your vacation together and hoping for the best when you arrive […]

Tweet If you are one of those travelers who leave home for months at a time, you know there is a lot to do before leaving. Often times, no matter how much you plan, there always seems to be important things missed. Here are a few essentials to add to your list of tasks to […]

Tweet Going on an extended trip requires more preparation than a quick weekend excursion. However, longer vacations offer several benefits when traveling to a faraway or larger country and you definitely get to see more of the world. The important thing is to begin planning your journey as soon as possible to avoid last minute […]

Tweet An exciting vacation can easily be ruined by simple incidences such as accidents and illnesses. Below is a list of some common situations that can leave unpleasant memories for what should have been an enjoyable experience. Upset Stomach  It’s common for tourists to get gastrointestinal viruses when eating and drinking in foreign countries such […]