Even when you are headed to an amazing destination, the act of traveling is not always easy. After spending hours in airports and bus terminals, many travelers find themselves feeling tired, cranky, thirsty, and disconnected from the world. Here are four items that you might want to consider bringing on your next trip in order to make it as stress-free as possible.

A Filtered Water Bottle

While practically every city you visit will most likely have water bottles for sale, it always pays to be prepared for any eventuality while traveling. Modern filtered bottles are extremely effective, and many of them can remove nearly 99 percent of all pathogens from the water. Instead of taking a chance on a suspect water source, you can be sure that you will stay healthy and hydrated throughout your trip.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

For many years, noise-canceling headphones were heavy, expensive, and uncomfortable to wear. Recent breakthroughs in headphone technology have made these devices more affordable and comfortable than ever. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will allow you to enjoy music, listen to an audiobook, or get some much-needed sleep in a loud area. Many even come with built-in memory cards that can hold hundreds of hours of music.

A Comfortable Travel Pillow

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is finding comfortable places to nap. Anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time on airplanes or in crowded terminals knows just how miserable traveling can be when you are not getting enough sleep. Some companies, like GoSleep, know that a high-quality travel pillow will support your head, neck, and shoulders no matter what position you are stuck in. They can even be deflated or flattened in order to fit in a smaller carry-on bag.

A Mobile Hotspot

Just because you are traveling around the world doesn’t mean you need to be disconnected from your loved ones. Mobile hotspots will provide you with cheap and reliable Internet access in remote locations. Hotspots often support up to 10 devices, and they generally come with prepaid data usage plans so that you don’t have to worry about making payments while you are traveling. When buying a hotspot, the two most important features to look at the size of the service area and the battery life.

While you might not be able to have all the luxuries of home on your trips, you shouldn’t ever have to feel as if you are stuck with expensive drinks, inconsistent Internet connections, and uncomfortable terminal chairs.