Going on an extended trip requires more preparation than a quick weekend excursion. However, longer vacations offer several benefits when traveling to a faraway or larger country and you definitely get to see more of the world. The important thing is to begin planning your journey as soon as possible to avoid last minute stresses while getting everything arranged. 

One: Order a Passport

No matter what location you are traveling to on an extended trip, having a passport is a good plan. It can take several months to gather the information and complete the application necessary to obtain a passport. Traveling with a passport provides vital protection because it contains information that helps your home country contact you in case of an emergency. 

Two: Prepare a Written Itinerary

To get the most from an extended trip, prepare a written list of your plans. With time differences across the world, it is easy to get confused concerning flight times at different airports. Make copies of the itinerary to provide to family and friends to give them an idea of where you are, and how to get in touch should anything not go according to plan.

Three: Visit a Family Physician

Before going on your journey, visit a family doctor to determine if you are in tip-top condition for traveling. If you are pregnant, make sure you discuss your travel plans with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you and your baby to travel, said Gilbert Webb, MD. A thorough physical examination can help you to prepare ahead of time to prevent an emergency while traveling. This is a good time to mention to a physician where you are going, in order to get the needed vaccinations or medications required in many countries. You can find many of the required vaccinations at mercy.net.  

Four: Buy Lightweight Luggage

A long trip requires additional bags to hold both your clothes and toiletries as well as souvenirs and important documents. Selecting luggage carefully for an extended trip can make traveling simpler in busy airports and train stations. Lightweight luggage helps to prevent physical aches and pains during an extended trip as well so choose wisely. Take only clothes that are easy to wash and can be worn a few days in a row. 

Five: Get Your Home Ready

Your home needs care and attention, especially when you won’t be there for a while. By making sure there is someone to mow the lawn, or shovel snow from the sidewalks you can avoid many problems like theft and impending home repair while you’re away. It is often possible to save money while away from home by turning off certain appliances that are not in use. Arrange to have someone visit your home every few days to check for any problems. 

Going on a long trip is a great way to get away from daily life, and find new adventures. It can be a great way to broaden your horizons and make you feel like a whole new person. Be sure you are ready for everything life has to throw at you, and prepare for your journey a few months in advance.