If you are one of those travelers who leave home for months at a time, you know there is a lot to do before leaving. Often times, no matter how much you plan, there always seems to be important things missed. Here are a few essentials to add to your list of tasks to complete before you leave:

Turn Off the Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

While turning off all of the lights in your home top your list, you might not think about your hot water heater. You can save a significant amount by simply turning off your pilot light while you are gone. If someone will be staying at your house for a short time, let them know to turn it off again before they leave so you can save on your bills.

Electronic Utility Bills and Automatic Payments

You do not want to incur penalties on your bills due to late payments while you are away from home for an extended period. Most of your bills can be emailed to you and arrangements for automatic payments are simple to make. This will save you a lot of hassle.

Travel Insurance

As a seasoned traveler, you know things can go wrong when you least expect them to. From medical emergencies to missed or canceled flights that cause you to miss a connection, travel insurance gives you someone to turn to, and the help you need to get your trip back on schedule.

Forwarded or Held Mail

You will need to decide, if you want to have your mail held or forwarded to your destination. If you are traveling internationally, there are services that will sort your mail and forward important items like bills and personal letters abroad.

Get that Lived in Look

While you are gone for months, you want your home to have that lived in look. You probably already have timer for your lights, but you might consider working with your neighbor to get them to park their car in your driveway overnight occasionally or have them get their visitors to park there from time to time.

Local Law Enforcement

If you are going to be away for a long time, it does not hurt to let the local police or sheriff’s department know. In some cases, they can help keep an eye on your home in your absence or contact you if anything happens.

With some planning and forethought, you will find leaving home for a couple of months stress free. By adding these items to your to do list, you will help things run smoothly before leaving and while you are gone.

Informational credit to Steers Insurance Limited.