St. George, Utah, sits in a beautiful desert valley in southwest Utah. This part of the world is among the most beautiful in the world. The natural destinations around St. George make it a truly international destination. Zion National Park With towering cliffs, steep waterfalls, and natural flower gardens, Zion National Park is a widely […]

Going on a trip can be a great experience to see new things, meet new people and experience new adventures. However, some people still look at their trips and they only do the common things that they would typically do at home. Instead, trips, whether they are for vacation or for work, should be seen […]

With a big road trip ahead of you, there are so many things to do. Stop the mail. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your house. Pack your bags. Take kitty to the boarder. And so on. If you will be traveling with your family, multiply the tasks by the number of children […]

Travel tips to consider while traveling abroad. If you are planning a long distance trip, one that will take you clear across the globe or at least beyond the US’ borders, you need to organize your trip with care. There are a number of steps you should take before you leave and while you are […]

Look beyond your familiar setting when you take your vacation this summer. It is nearly time for you to take your annual excursion to the beach. Perhaps you plan to rent a home for a week or to score a hotel room overlooking the sea. Some folk manage to find camping close to the water, […]

Vagabond. Just the word by itself brings forth a negative stereotype as in hobo, bum or a homeless wanderer. However, precede the word vagabond with “global” and your thinking may shift to something like this: hey, this person really does have a purpose after all. You may be a global vagabond and not even know […]

The early culture and the fantastic legends of Greece are most remarkable things that have arrested the world’s attention. Visions of rancorous deities, huge armies guided by the stout generals travelling in the chariots, and those reverend philosophers conversing innovative ideas dominate the vision of innumerable tourists. They move to the country in large number […]

Whether you’re traveling solo or with others, there are some precautions you can take to ensure your safety. These safety tips can prevent crime and alert others if you do not arrive at your destination on time. Enjoy your trip — at the same time remain alert especially in unfamiliar surroundings. 1. Share a copy […]

Ah, camping! You know — the great outdoors, a rustic feeling, campfires and starlit nights. Those beautiful nights can be enjoyable until you’re ready to fall asleep. And then it happens: you toss and turn for what seems like hours, unable to get the rest that you want. Fortunately, there are ways to sleep well […]

One of the most enjoyable vacation ideas for families is taking a cruise. Cruises are all-inclusive packages that can be a cost effective way to enjoy your next trip. Widely publicized illnesses in recent years have some people worried, including people that think taking a cruise is a disaster waiting to happen. Here’s what you […]