Finding an affordable hotel stay can be a challenge with the nightly rate, breakfast, airport shuttle service and other fees included. That $95 nightly special can cost you more than $150 when all fees and taxes are added. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you get the best stay possible to fit your budget […]

British Columbia has a lot of great attractions that people visit from all over the world. From skiing on one of the highest mountains to shopping in some of the major cities, you are sure to find something to enjoy while visiting British Columbia. There are many different places to see and things to do. […]

There is little mystery as to why London is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. This monumental metropolis is not only the capital of England as well as the United Kingdom, it is also a thriving urban hub and one of the cultural capitals of the world. Within London’s borders is a massively […]

If you are looking to take a quick trip abroad you can immerse yourself in all things Portuguese by visiting Lisbon, the capital and largest city in Portugal. Nonstop flights originating in Boston, New York, Miami and Philadelphia can whisk you across the Atlantic to Lisbon in just over eight hours and have you back […]

Exploring the state of Minnesota can be a delightful experience for those who love nature and outdoors. Woodlands and lakes make it possible to participate in many activities and adventures. Ranging from family friendly activities to completely roughing it outdoors. There is something for everyone in beautiful Minnesota. Wildlife Encounters Near Ely Ely in the […]

As your vacation abroad is ending you may find more foreign currency than you realized you are holding. What should you do with this currency at the end of your vacation? Here are some good ideas. Leave for Hotel Housekeeping Staff Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of extra, unwanted foreign currency is to […]

As your team plans its next business trip, you’ll be starting and ending your trip at a major regional airport. You may need to take connecting flights and, if there are weather delays, your two day trip can extend to three days or longer. For busy executives with little time to spare, airline travel is […]

The stars continue to shine brightly in California and not just in Hollywood, the seat of the US motion picture industry. Other communities within and without Los Angeles include West Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Alhambra, destinations worth exploring when visiting L.A. Likely, you are very familiar with many of the more popular area […]

If you’re planning a trip outside of the United States, you may need to complete a medical checkup before you leave. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you see a health-care provider that specializes in Travel Medicine weeks before you leave. Such medical professionals are aware of the risks Americans […]

Whether you go with your significant other or a few friends, taking a road trip can be an exciting adventure. As you are driving, you can listen to your favorite music and see great sights on the road. Although a spur of the moment road trip can be adventurous, it is better to do some […]