Charleston, SC, is one of the oldest cities in the United States, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The city at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers has been hammered by earthquakes and hurricanes, but has survived, and is today a popular vacation destination. Also known as the “Holy […]

Hitting the road with your pet can mean searching far and wide for hotels that accept pets. Fortunately, the hospitality industry recognizes that people traveling with pets are a demographic that should be served, something that LaQuinta Inn and others now provide. Before you head out on your next trip, keep in mind the following […]

You have a big trip planned and will spend several nights in the same hotel. After three or four nights you’ll feel that you are at home, but only if the environment (your room, in particular) is a pleasant one. You don’t have to settle for just any room, mind you — here’s how you […]

You can save money on your next trip starting with your car. Taking to the road is the only way to travel for many vacationers, but fuel costs over the past several years have crimped many a budget. Assuming that you’ll be driving one of your family cars there are ways for you to increase […]

Out and about the Queen City. Charlotte is the largest city in the Carolinas, home to more than 700,000 people with another 1.8 million living in the metropolitan area. It is the banking hub for the southeast and is also home of NASCAR motorsports. Charlotte was named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who became […]

In our modern era, we like to take it for granted that we can travel whenever we want and return to find everything exactly as we found it. While this is often the case, sometimes Murphy’s Law comes into play and we find a disaster waiting for us. Knowing what can go wrong can help […]

Not everyone gets a chance to travel cross country, so make it a smooth experience with these tips. Set a Budget Avoid running out of money by setting a generous budget. Even if you’re the adventurous type, potentially being stuck in the middle of nowhere should not turn into an episode of “Survivor.” When estimating […]

You’ve booked your two-week vacation and you expect a sun-filled trip replete with warm days and pleasant nights. In reality, you’ll likely have at least one day where rain is prevalent, perhaps changing your schedule. With kids in tow, a rainy day can be a real challenge, but you can take that drencher and turn […]

If you’ve never experienced Burning Man before, you’re probably looking forward to the adventure with a mixture of elation and apprehension. Following are a few survival tips that will help you make the absolute most of your upcoming journey of a lifetime. Beyond the Obvious – What to Pack When your purchase your ticket, you’ll […]

Known as the “City of Oaks,” Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, a city rich in history and emerging in cultural significance. About 440,000 people call Raleigh home with another 1.3 million living in the combined Raleigh-Durham area. The city’s rapid growth has only enhanced the area, known for its excellent schools, mild weather, […]