Whenever we think of going somewhere, we always prefer flying. Owning a private jet has always been thought as fancy and luxury. However, there are many advantages of owning a private jet. There will be no need for passengers to fly out of busy airports, no need for security checks and baggage claims. Apart from this, there is no time restriction. All private aircrafts are also equipped with connections for laptops, phones and fax machines. Traveling by private jet will also give you luxury and peace of mind. There are many benefits of traveling by jet that are mentioned below.


The facilities are well equipped and spacious. They are packed with all the essential amenities making the travel easy for people on board. Most of them also have parking facilities close by the terminal. The facilities are always clean and make your travel worthwhile.

Varied Choice In Destinations

Small private jets do not need any huge runways like those offered by large commercial airports. There are many small airports available, which are less congested making it easy to travel by private jets from icarusjet. Private aviation companies can access many small airports as compared to the commercial airports. Thus, you can select the place of your choice and fly there whenever you want.

No More Waiting

If you travel by private jet charter plane, you can avoid standing in long lines for immigration checks and security checks. You can arrive at the airport only few minutes in advance and directly board the plane. You can also avoid baggage claim mess as your luggage is kept in your car after you land.


As you are paying for or own the entire plane, you can make last minute cancellations or changes. You can make the flying schedule yourself depending on the weather conditions. You can also fly to multiple locations.

Total Privacy

Chartering a private jet allows you to fly without being noticed. Apart from this, the only people on board are those invited by the main passenger. The group can work persistently or conduct meetings if they need to. All aircraft are equipped with laptop connections and fax machines. Passengers can listen to music of their choice, watch movies, walk around or change seats.


If you want to impress someone like your love interest and want to make him or her feel special, then hiring a aircraft is a good option.

Good food

Everyone likes good food when they travel for long distance. In recent years, the food qualities of commercial airlines have become bad and mostly they serve you a dry turkey sandwich with nutria bars. When you are in private jet, you can order food of your choice from your favorite restaurant or bring your own chef. Even the smallest plane will have an oven to heat up food. Hence, the cabin attendants will serve warm and tasty food whenever you are hungry. Apart from food, you can also enjoy watching a movie of your choice or just opt to sleep and laze around. There will be no one to stop you!

If you have the option to fly from one destination to another without standing in lines, no security check, no crying babies with you and no toilet flushing, then why not try it!

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Daniel is a pilot and a passionate blogger. He loves to fly private jets all around the world. In the above post, he is giving information on private jets and why to opt them for your travel.