If you enjoy seeing different places, there are certain careers that allow you to incorporate travel into your lifestyle. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a career or a course of study. A job that involves travel gives you the chance to see the world and get paid for it. Let’s look at a few of your best options for careers that involve travel.

Travel Nurse

If you want a decent paying job in the medical field that allows you to travel, you should consider becoming a travel nurse. The demand for nurses varies from place to place and at times there are serious shortages in certain locations. This creates the demand for nurses who are willing to travel on short notice. Travel nurses are often compensated for housing and travel expenses. There is no special qualification needed to become a travel nurse, other than being a registered nurse.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruising has become one of the most popular types of travel. Cruise ships require many types of employees, including food servers, chefs, fitness instructors, chefs, casino dealers, musicians and many others. The good thing about cruise ships is that they hire for a vast number of positions. People interested in this should look up leading cruise lines and inquire about employment opportunities.


There are several types of teaching jobs that allow you to travel. If you are a certified teacher, you can simply research jobs in areas where you’d like to live. There are also international schools that hire teachers for expatriates living in that country, such as the children of businessmen or people in the military. There is also the option of teaching English to people in different countries.

The demand for this is particularly strong in countries such as Korea, China and Japan. To qualify for the best positions as an English teacher abroad, consider enrolling in some online programs for Master’s in Education degrees, which can prepare you for the obstacles common to teaching in a foreign country.

Tour Guide

Tour guides are needed in many different parts of the world. This can involve giving people tours of famous historic sites and areas. There are also travel companies that hire tour guides to accompany the travelers for the whole trip. For adventure travel companies, this might involve activities such as diving or trekking. The most important qualifications for being a tour guide is being familiar with the place and its history and being sociable. It also helps to speak more than one language.

There are many career options for people who love to travel. The amount of education or training you need varies depending on the job. Very often, jobs you can do in one place can also be converted into travel jobs, if you research the field. With any of the above listed career paths, there are quite a few ways to get paid while satisfying your wanderlust.