The stars continue to shine brightly in California and not just in Hollywood, the seat of the US motion picture industry. Other communities within and without Los Angeles include West Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Alhambra, destinations worth exploring when visiting L.A. Likely, you are very familiar with many of the more popular area […]

If you’re planning a trip outside of the United States, you may need to complete a medical checkup before you leave. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you see a health-care provider that specializes in Travel Medicine weeks before you leave. Such medical professionals are aware of the risks Americans […]

Whether you go with your significant other or a few friends, taking a road trip can be an exciting adventure. As you are driving, you can listen to your favorite music and see great sights on the road. Although a spur of the moment road trip can be adventurous, it is better to do some […]

Head to San Antonio and you may find yourself visiting the Alamo or taking in any number of other historical sites. This inviting Texas city is now the Lone Star State’s second most populous community, a city rich in cultural heritage and prized for its cultural, education and entertainment prowess. San Antonio is also very […]

Buying gas is an unfortunate reality that most of us are stuck with, and if we’re honest, there isn’t any “real” way around it aside from not owning a car and getting around on foot or by bicycle. There are actually a growing number of people who do that, though for most of us, living […]

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are the three most visited Scottish destinations, but are by no means the only places to visit when planning your Scotland excursion. Many Americans possess Scottish heritage and can identify with the Scots. For visitors seeking a much more thorough immersion in all matters Scottish, the following destinations should be kept […]

As modern technology and conveniences connect more and more people throughout the world, more and more travel opportunities present themselves. The spread of information results in people who otherwise may not have heard of a certain far-flung locale packing up and heading off on an exciting vacation to someplace new. Places such as South Africa. […]

The Tadoba tiger reserve in Maharashtra is the oldest in the state and also the largest national park. Till about few years ago many people did not know about the Tadaoba Tiger Reserve. The reserve was not in the wish list of serious wildlife enthusiasts. The pursuit of tigers would lead them to Ranthambore in […]

Travel insurance is sometimes purchased by individuals as a way to protect themselves from loss related to the cancelation of a trip or for a delay or even for medical reasons. Such insurance, however, may not be appropriate for every trip as other forms of insurance including health and homeowners insurance may be adequate. Find […]

You are getting ready to book your next trip and are faced with a typical dilemma: should I fly with the big, impersonal air carrier that takes me to most any city on my list or should I opt for a smaller, regional airline that offers more personalized service albeit on a small jet? Well, […]