Winter is just around the corner which means most of us have already begun preparing for the holidays.  But Christmas is not all about carols and snow, glitter and spices. It’s also the perfect occasion for gift shopping and getaway planning, two seasonal rituals that are just as challenging as they are exciting. While many of the details can be arranged online, from the comfort of our homes, there’s one part that is equally dreaded and unescapable: the actual travelling. And who can blame us? Cold weather clothing and heavy luggage don’t make an attractive pair; add into the mix busy airports, delayed flights, traffic jams and long train rides and you’ll get the perfect recipe to ruin one’s festive mood. But the biggest enemies of a fun and relaxing holiday are jet lag and travel fatigue, two pesky side effects of travelling, especially long-distance travels.

A Few Words about Our Eating Habits

While you cannot control the traffic or the long-haul flights there are other things you can do to minimize and avoid these unpleasant side effects. One of these things is eating the right food at the right time. Sounds pretty simple but the truth is, when it comes to eating, the traveler’s meal of choice is almost always fast food because it’s fast, it’s satiating and it’s cheap. According to researchers at Yale School of Medicine, what and when we eat seriously impacts our biological clocks and circadian rhythm (psychological, biological and behavioral changes that occur in a 24 hour period, responding to environmental light and darkness). Same research has also shown that eating at the right times can prevent various illnesses and affections.

The question is, how can we travel and eat healthily at the same time? Fortunately, here are 5 best super snacks – easy to carry and prepare – to help you stay healthy and full of energy for the entire duration of your trip.

Introducing Fresh Fruits

The best fruits for travelling during the cold season are pomegranates, citrus fruits and blueberries. Loaded with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, these fruits are the experts’ top recommendations when it comes to snacking – especially while travelling.

Whole Grains for High Energy Class

Snack whole grain bars, especially those which contain seeds and dried fruits, are the ideal alternative for a cooked breakfast or lunch. Rich in carbs and fiber, they will offer the energy boost every traveler needs at some point during the journey.

Trail Mixes: Crunch, Crunch!

Raw nuts and dried fruits are rich in essential amino acids, protein, vitamins and healthy fats, which make this kind of snack healthy, fulfilling and tasty.

Life with Smoothies

If you’re tempted to think that having a smoothie on the go is either complicated or tricky to prepare, you’re in for a surprise. All you need is a plastic shaker cup, a measuring spoon, water (or almond milk) and a super powder of your choice like green powder (especially wheatgrass), cocoa & vanilla powder, acai powder etc. In addition to great nutritional value, smoothies can do wonders for your energy levels and digestive system so why not give them a try next time you travel?

Chia Seeds from Our Ancestors

Popular among Aztecs and used by modern day athletes due to its properties, chia seeds have the highest content of Omega 3 of all plants. Even more so, chia is filled with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants such as Quercetin, which only adds up to higher energy levels and recovery.
All these foods have be shown to have real health benefits so if you’re looking for a way to avoid travel fatigue and reach your destination in great shape then you should definitely include them in your diet. The results will show in no time!

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