Traveling the world can be expensive, but not when it’s part of your job. While some people don’t like to travel, others realize that it’s one of the greatest aspects of life. Seeing news cities and meeting new people is adventurous and fun, and it’s even better when you’re being paid for it. Below are six careers that involve traveling. Some are for risk-takers; others are for those who are risk averse.

Beat Writer

Let’s use the Carolina Panthers as an example. If you have live in the Charlotte area and have a passion for the NFL, then you can become a beat writer for the team. When the Panthers are home, you will cover the game from the press box with other writers. Just remember to be quiet; writers aren’t allowed to talk during the game. While that’s a potential negative, this job offers a nice balance between staying home and offering travel, which of course takes place for away games. You will get to see many different cities throughout the country. However, the only international location you will have a shot at is London.

Travel Writer

Travel writers are in high demand, but you must be willing to travel often if you want to take this on. The biggest perks are that you will be able to stay at nice hotels and resorts while exploring surrounding attractions and whatever makes that destination unique. You never have to worry about poor accommodations because no magazine or website wants to publish material on unflattering properties. Otherwise, readers wouldn’t look for good ideas there anymore. The big downside here is heavy travel, which is difficult if you’re a family person.

Truck Driver

This might not be the most respected job, but it gets a bad rap. The pay is pretty good, you’re constantly meeting new people, and you get to see most of the country. You also won’t get bored. Truck drivers are always communicating with each other on the open road. Therefore, it’s a more social career than people imagine. The biggest downsides are time away from home, lack of sleep leading to potential danger, and routes in the northeast due to heavy congestion.

Flight Attendant

This is an obvious choice. Flight attendants must often stay in other cities overnight. This can be fun, and once again, it presents an opportunity to meet new people. The big negative is that those stays don’t often last very long. On the other hand, flight attendants often receive free or discounted airfare, which allows them to travel leisurely without worrying about costs.

Cruise Line Worker

Working on a cruise line is both fascinating and frustrating. The big perk is that you get to sail the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or somewhere else of popular interest. Your office always offers beautiful views. The negatives are dealing with rude customers, the potential for rough seas, and cabin fever. The latter can lead to much animosity amongst co-workers.

Poker Player

If you’re a real risk taker and you’d like to see the world while meeting new people, then you can become a professional poker player. This can be challenging, though. Unless you specialize in one format of the game and stick to low stakes in order to consistently play against weaker competition, there will be difficult times. However, just when times are toughest, you can hit for tens of thousands of dollars in a tournament, perhaps even more. This career choice is definitely for the risk taker.

Foreign Service Agent

If politics is more up your alley then consider a career as a Foreign Service agent. With many opportunities to expand you cultural repertoire you can be sure to grow in experience and character. The first step towards this vocation would be obtaining a UF bachelor of arts in communication as this will give you a good foundation for understanding people. From the private sector to volunteer services like the Peace Corps, you can be sure to find a place just right for you down this career path.

If you want to live life to the fullest, see the world, and meet new people so you will have dozens of fascinating stories to tell, strongly consider choosing one of the careers listed above.