Fall might be the best season for motorcycling. Without spring’s rain, summer’s heat, and winter’s ice, fall leaves you free to enjoy the sunny, open road at a comfortable temperature. 

As leaves burst into startling shades of orange, yellow, and red, fall also creates some of the best roadside views. If you’re looking for a scenic road trip, try one of the five stunning routes below.

1. Mount Mitchell Scenic Byway, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell has the highest elevation of any landmark east of the Mississippi. This makes it a unique spot for sightseeing in the South. During the fall, it will present you with a vibrant mix of deep green evergreens and brightly colored deciduous trees shedding their leaves.

To get the most of this road trip, take the 52-mile North Carolina Scenic Byway. The route starts at the top of Mount Mitchell and winds down the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Toe River Valley.

Remember that mountain driving requires extra attention to safety. As you make your way up and down the windy mountain roads, make sure you follow all posted speed limit signs. Double check for hikers and cyclists on or near the road. Wear a warm jacket and sturdy gloves that you can shed as you descend the mountain.

2. Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway, Maine

Maine’s famous U.S. Route 1 has a lot to offer, especially if you’ve never seen Coastal Maine. But if you want to travel off the beaten path, try this 50-mile-long scenic byway around Rangeley Lake. As you circle the lake, you’ll cross the Appalachian Trail, meander around a few mountains, and pass several scenic overlooks. Choose this route for scenic mountain, lake, and forest views.

3. The Great River Road, Arkansas

The Great River Road spans 10 Mississippi River states, from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Minnesota. The Arkansas portion in particular takes you past not just the river but developed agricultural land, wetlands, and historic towns. As you near Helena, you’ll wind through the scenic Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

4. Top of the Rockies, Colorado

If your travels take you west, don’t miss this Rocky Mountain scenic route. The 115-mile-long route averages a 9,000-foot elevation, so prepare for chilly weather, thin air, and bright sunlight. Bring plenty of water with you to combat altitude sickness, then look forward to breathtaking mountain views and particularly vivid fall colors.

5. The Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Even in the fall, you can anticipate a certain amount of rain along the Olympic Peninsula, so come prepared for a few showers. The drive will take you past the Olympic Mountains, near rainforests like the Hoh and Quinault, and alongside crystal-clear lakes like Lake Crescent. Enjoy the beautiful combination of lake, forest, mountain, and beach scenery.

No matter which of these scenic drives you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Remember, as you enjoy driving this fall, make sure to protect yourself. Always wear a helmet, dress appropriately for the weather, and follow all speed limits and traffic rules. If you get injured while driving, be sure to talk to the motorcycle accident lawyers at Diederich Law Firm.