Whether you want to plan a fun-filled and unforgettable ski trip to a single resort this winter or you have plans to resort-hop on your vacation, you may be looking for a resort with the best overall skiing experience. Utah is well-known for being home to some amazing ski resorts, and this is the place where you want to narrow down your search to. Before you pack your skis and other equipment, take time to learn more about what each of these Utah ski resorts has to offer.

Alta Ski Resort

Alta Ski Resort is located in Alta, Utah, and it is ranked highly for its terrain and powder. This resort offers a ski-in, ski-out experience to make your trip more enjoyable, and it has a character that is entirely its own. Founded in 1939, it is among the oldest resorts in the country, and it has combined historic charm with modern amenities. While it does not permit snowboarding, it does have more than 2,200 acres of terrain with 116 trails and many off-piste powder lines.

Park City Ski Resort

Park City is among the more popular ski resorts because of how easy it is to reach. It is located just 37 miles east of Salt Lake City, and it has amazing terrain. When you visit Park City, you will enjoy 3,300 acres of skiing excitement. It includes 116 trails on eight peaks, a superpipe, a mini pipe, a megapro and a great lift system. If you are a bit newer to snow sports or need to replace your equipment, organizations such as Ski Butlers can help you rent skiing and snowboarding equipment regardless of your location. This type of service can make your trip to Utah exceedingly convenient.

Powder Mountain Ski Resort

Powder Mountain is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets, and many who are from out-of-state do not know about this resort. With 5,500 acres, it is the largest resort in the country. With its high mountain terrain, it does not use artificial snow. It is unique from other resorts because it provides a more natural skiing experience. There are limited lift capabilities, and there is not a ski resort town nearby. When you want to ski without the hustle and bustle of a major resort, this is a great option.

Solitude Ski Resort

Solitude Ski Resort is also well-known for providing a quiet, relaxed skiing experience to its visitors. It is located next to a quiet, European-style ski village and is a favorite for family vacations. Its terrain includes steep chutes, groomed cruisers, open bowls and more. While its size of 1,200 acres makes it one of the smaller resorts, there is adequate infrastructure in place for all skiing levels.

There are ski resorts for all abilities and for all interests in Utah. Take time to learn more about what each of these have to offer before finalizing your vacation plans.