Given the cost of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and anything else connected with vacations, you may think travel is only for those with a lot of money. The truth really is that the travel industry could not survive without the average Joe or Jane and offers many bargains and concessions. You can find them using these six thrifty tips.

Book Ahead

The further in advance you make your travel arrangements, then the cheaper they’ll be. Travel providers like knowing that they have customers lined up for their services. To obtain that certainty, they’re willing to offer discounts for advance purchases. In addition, prices only go up over time so locking in a price early guarantees the lower cost.

Go in the Off-Season

Every vacation spot will have a high season and a low season, which is typically winter in non-ski areas. Going during the off-season can offer significant savings, often 50 percent over high-season prices. If you can’t find when the off-season occurs in an area through Google, ask any hotel or restaurant there.

Search for Discount Coupons

Nearly every attraction, hotel, restaurant, or travel goods supplier gives discounts to attract customers. Look for deals and offers from national chain retailers, like coupons for Target, for all your basic needs during travel. Getting on a company’s mailing list is another way to find coupons and offers.

Save Money on Flights

For the lowest airfare, use connecting rather than direct flights. Fly mid-week instead of on the weekend and look for unpopular flight times, such as “red-eye” trips around midnight. Smaller satellite airports may also be cheaper than major hubs.

Check Out Your Credit Card Coverage.

Travel suppliers, such as rental car companies, try to get you to buy insurance to compensate you if something bad happens. Before paying for any insurance, check if you’re already covered by your credit card. Many automatically insure you for everything from lost luggage to rental cars. You just have to put all your travel charges on the same card.

Look for Tourist Passes

If you plan on taking the subway or bus, or visiting several museums, get a transportation or museum pass for your destination, which are often designed for tourists to save money. However, this may not be worth it if you’re going to be walking most of the time or seeing just one or two institutions.

A little planning and research can help with any travel budget. Using these tips can help you free up more money. The extra cash can give you a longer trip or let you do more things during your travels.