California is one of the largest and definitely the most inhabited state in the U.S. however, this is only a tip of an iceberg of what this amazing place means to the region. Most things you have heard about the U.S. probably in one way or another have something to do with California. This is why, if you ever go on a holiday there, there are at least ten things that you simply must do. Following these few simple tips will allow you to experience California in the best way possible.

Golden Gate Bridge

You can start your Californian tour by visiting the most European-like City in whole of North America, San Francisco. Start the tour by going to one of its most recognizable landmarks the incredible Golden Gate Bridge. Just a single glance on this magnificent structure, this incredible monument of human creativity and perseverance, will be enough to explain why Golden Gate Bridge is without doubt the most photographed, bridge in the world.

Visiting Alcatraz

Second thing you should definitely not miss in California is visiting the notorious Alcatraz. This renowned prison facility on a secluded island was long believed to be completely impenetrable. However because the upkeep of the federal penitentiary was too expensive to upkeep, this glorious fortress was abandoned in 1963. Decades later, this edifice serves as a national park and a museum.

The LA nightlife

In the words of the immortal Tupac, California knows how to party. What better way to experience this than by seeing the LA nightlife for yourself. However, it would be a waste to spend an entire LA evening in only one place so create a careful itinerary of bars and nightclubs you simply must visit. Start your evening in a relaxed atmosphere of Bar Won O’Seven then head off into one of the LA’s craziest clubs like Boulevard 3.

A Hollywood experience

If you always dreamed of visiting Hollywood here is your chance. Go onto a crazy adventure around the place where dreams were made and you certainly won’t regret it. First, you should stop by the Walk of Fame and try to locate stars of some of your favorite actors and directors. After this, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go on a short tour around the studios in the vicinity. You never know who you might encounter there. In the end take a picture by the Hollywood sign as a memento.

LA basketball derby

One of the greatest things there are about the U.S.A. is most definitely the NBA. It would be a real shame for you to visit California without witnessing an LA city derby with your own two eyes. This is why, if you ever decide to go on this trip, you would be wise to take a look at the LA Clippers schedule and plan your trip around their game versus LA Lakers.

Disneyland California

According to most of the reviews this place can take pride in several things including excellent theming, great food and most importantly fun rides. This Disneyland is probably second most popular in whole of the U.S. (first being one in Florida), and is something you most definitely should not miss visiting. When it comes to the attractions you should see there, the most notable is probably World of Color.

Yosemite Valley

If however, you place more interest in some natural wonders of California than in its urban aspect, Yosemite Valley is a place for you to be. Tourist season in this incredible valley is always hectic and vivacious, however this can never diminish the call of its calming beauty. Visit Yosemite Valley yourself and see why many people refer to it as the jewel of Sierra Nevada Mountains.

San Diego Zoo

Most people who ever come to visit San Diego zoo refer to it as the best zoo they ever had the opportunity to explore. Many other places can take pride in the wide selection of wildlife, but friendlier staff or better organized exhibits you are highly unlikely to find anywhere else. This zoo on its own should be reason enough why anyone should visit California at least once.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If however you are more interested of finding out what Californian underwater wildlife looks like, there is no better place than Monterey Bay Aquarium. What you can enjoy here are versatile displays of the different types of sea life as well as multitude of behind the scenes events constantly going on. Visiting this incredible place will be a decision that you will certainly never forget.

Griffith Observatory

In the end, for people more interested about the bigger picture, there is no probably greater treat than visiting the Griffith Observatory in LA. Examine the universe around us by attending one of the world’s greatest observatories. Or, for those interested in more empirical form of fun, surroundings of this observatory are just one giant picnic area.

All in all, California is a place like no other. With so many places to see and all the things to do, one thing is certain. There is not a single person out there who could claim with confidence that a visit to California is a waste of time. Go for a short trip around this exciting North American region and you will gain memories to last you a lifetime.