Tweet One of the crucial components of the American Dream for many people is being able to buy your own vacation home. If you are in the market for a vacation home, you have to be smart about it. You want to buy a vacation home that is right for you and your family. If […]

Tweet Travel has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent decades, with the number of options available for reaching most destinations increasing exponentially. However, travel is still travel, and sometimes, either by choice or by necessity, a journey can still take many hours, days, or even weeks. Whether you are travelling the continent by car, […]

Tweet If you are one of those travelers who leave home for months at a time, you know there is a lot to do before leaving. Often times, no matter how much you plan, there always seems to be important things missed. Here are a few essentials to add to your list of tasks to […]

Tweet Every once in a while you and your family need to take a vacation. This isn’t just to blow off some steam from your daily life, but it is also meant to spend quality time with your family. They allow you to create new memories with your spouse and your children. Hopefully these new […]

Tweet If you enjoy seeing different places, there are certain careers that allow you to incorporate travel into your lifestyle. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a career or a course of study. A job that involves travel gives you the chance to see the world and get paid for it. Let’s […]

Tweet Going on an extended trip requires more preparation than a quick weekend excursion. However, longer vacations offer several benefits when traveling to a faraway or larger country and you definitely get to see more of the world. The important thing is to begin planning your journey as soon as possible to avoid last minute […]

Tweet Truly, it is so much easier to pack clothes for your children then to have them do this for themselves. But as a parent you are all about teaching your children how to become independent and resourceful adults. By showing them how to pack their own bags and suitcases, you will have one less […]

Tweet Travel + Leisure rankings are out. If you are planning to take a big trip within the next few months, you may want to know which airline, cruise line or airport is ranked the highest. After all, if other users are satisfied with their itinerary, you probably will be too. Affluent Media Group’s Travel […]

Tweet Berkshire Hathaway Travel Services may have developed the best flight insurance for today’s travelers. No, it isn’t a life insurance policy, but it is a travel service that also works as a concierge. AirCare Services Dubbed AirCare, the service can provide domestic flying customers added assurance in the event that a flight has been […]