One of your biggest expenses when traveling can be meals along the way. To reduce your travel expenses and assure that your family has healthy meals and snacks along the way, you can prepare foods to take with you. Here are just a few of the easiest and tastiest meals you can pack and eat along the way to make your next roadtrip memorable.

Morning Meal

If you’ll be leaving home early in the morning, you can prepare muffins the night before your trip. Pack some fresh fruit and juice to go with the muffins and you have an easy, portable morning meal so you can get on the road and get going faster!

Salads On-the-Go

Salads in a jar are a popular travel food idea. Salads such as these are easy to personalize so that everyone can have a salad that features their favorite ingredients. Be sure to put the dressing in first, followed by veggies such as tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers and place the lettuce on top and when you are ready to eat just shake the jar. Pack some specialty crackers to go with the salad and you will have an easy time refueling your stomach quickly.

Hand Pies

Look through the many hand pie recipes that are available online and choose a few that you know will satisfy your family. Pies such as ham and cheese hand pies, Irish beef hand pies and turkey and vegetable hand pies are just a few meal ideas. Hand pies are somewhat like a road trip version of a home-cooked one-pot meal. Of course, those sweet hand pies made with berries, peaches or other yummy items are great treats when you’re traveling.


Sandwiches have long been a popular travel trip meal. Since the cooler is likely to be filled with items that need to be kept cool, a peanut butter and banana or PB&J sandwich is a meal option that doesn’t need to be kept in the cooler. If you have space in the cooler, you can pack a variety of items in baggies or plastic containers that can be used to assemble a sandwich whenever you stop to eat. Using some fresh Klosterman Baking Company bread and quality ingredients can make this simple meal a family favorite.

Granola Bars

Granola bars and trail mix are great snack ideas for a road trip. Bake a few different types of bars before you leave home and mix up plenty of trail mix for everyone to munch on.

Fresh Fruit

Pack plenty of fruit for the trip as it is a healthy yet delicious snack for everyone. Also pack some yogurt, dips or spreads that can be used to make the fruit a more interesting snack. If you are giving out the granola bars at the same time then you can combine those two and make a tasty treat!

You may find it a fun idea to get the whole family involved in the preparation of road trip food. Kids can come up with some unusual but delightful food ideas that could be an interesting diversion from the ordinary road trip foods.