Tweet There is little mystery as to why London is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. This monumental metropolis is not only the capital of England as well as the United Kingdom, it is also a thriving urban hub and one of the cultural capitals of the world. Within London’s borders is a […]

Tweet If you are looking to take a quick trip abroad you can immerse yourself in all things Portuguese by visiting Lisbon, the capital and largest city in Portugal. Nonstop flights originating in Boston, New York, Miami and Philadelphia can whisk you across the Atlantic to Lisbon in just over eight hours and have you […]

Tweet Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are the three most visited Scottish destinations, but are by no means the only places to visit when planning your Scotland excursion. Many Americans possess Scottish heritage and can identify with the Scots. For visitors seeking a much more thorough immersion in all matters Scottish, the following destinations should be […]