British coach holidays today are nothing like Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday trip but they can certainly be just as much fun

For one, the modern amenities and transport are much better than Cliff and gang experienced in the 1963 musical, which was directed by Peter Yates and also starred Una Stubbs, the Shadows, Ron Moody, Melvyn Hayes, and Lauri Peters.

It is likely, however, that coach trips in UK experiences will be as unforgettable as the classic movie. In it, Cliff Richard’s character Don and his friends decide to take a break from their jobs as London Transport bus mechanics and escape a wet British summer after being lent an AEC Regent III ‘RT’ bus from their employer. The pals convert the bus into a make-shift holiday home and head across continental Europe with the intention of getting to the South of France, although they eventually end up in Athens in Greece.

The film was Britain’s second most popular film of the year, offering a host of hits that would make the perfect sound-track for a modern coach holiday of today. Only those with a heart of stone could fail to get in the mood for a trip with the likes of Summer Holiday or Bachelor Boy blaring away. The movie came out at a time when Britons were just starting to enjoy affordable holidays on the continent, which added to its popularity.

Appeal continues

The trend for using a bus or coach to enjoy an affordable trip or holiday either abroad or in the UK has not lost its popularity today, especially for those who want to really see and experience the areas they visit. Coach holidays such as those you can find when you click here allow people to relax and enjoy the sights as someone else takes cares of details such as meals, entertainment and transport .

The transport used could not be further removed from that old Regent III, however, and most coach tours now offer facilities akin to a moving first-class lounge or business class air trip. It is hard to even imagine what Don would have made of air-conditioning and an on-board toilet, not to mention the nights spent sleeping in comfortable hotel beds between pristine sheets.

Endless opportunities

The Summer Holiday film was about uncovering exciting new experiences and that is still the appeal of coach holidays for many, whether they are exploring the British Isles or heading further afield. The options are almost limitless and the experiences endless. According to the Telegraph newspaper at, some of the top ten coach tour destinations include such diverse choices as Oberammergau and Salzburg; Libya; Disneyland Paris; the Andean countries including Peru, Bolivia, and Chile; New England in America; Hungary; Cornwall; Northern Ireland; Eastern Europe and Russia; and New Zealand.

This is far from an exhaustive list, meaning that the world is open to people who do not want to have to worry about the minute details of their trip, those with reduced mobility, or those who simply want guided tours around places they have always wanted to visit.