Tweet Chicago is America’s third most populous city and is the de facto capital of the Midwest. The city is composed of numerous neighborhoods, each worthy of a visit separately. If you are like the atypical visitor to the windy city, then time is of the essence for you. In that case you will want […]

Tweet One in a series of articles about Canadian destinations. Canada is comprised of many provinces, one of which is Manitoba. Located in the heart of the prairies, Winnipeg is the perfect location to have a family vacation that is not only fun, but one that can also be quite memorable. The following is a […]

Tweet Visit most any major museum and you could pay handsomely for your admission, your store visit and access to a special exhibit. Museums must make money to sustain their operations, but that doesn’t mean you should be gouged as you make your way through the various galleries. Here is how you can save money […]

Tweet Look beyond your familiar setting when you take your vacation this summer. It is nearly time for you to take your annual excursion to the beach. Perhaps you plan to rent a home for a week or to score a hotel room overlooking the sea. Some folk manage to find camping close to the […]

Tweet You’ve booked your two-week vacation and you expect a sun-filled trip replete with warm days and pleasant nights. In reality, you’ll likely have at least one day where rain is prevalent, perhaps changing your schedule. With kids in tow, a rainy day can be a real challenge, but you can take that drencher and […]