Tweet Ask anybody, and they will tell you that flight delays are a bother and complete hassle. Nobody wants to have their flight delayed, and yet this happens more often than we may think. In fact, flight delays are an all-too-common occurrence in all of the world’s airports. But if you have suffered from a […]

Tweet In past decades, flying on a plane was considered an exciting experience that included complimentary peanuts and free movies to watch during the flight. After the economic downturn, more airlines have decided to forgo the common amenities and increase security measures for a flight that can be less than enjoyable. To avoid feeling uncomfortable […]

Tweet Whether you will be flying for business or a long awaited vacation getaway, there are some things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. Everyone has heard the horrible stories of airplanes being stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours to facing cramped airline seats and unruly passengers. Fortunately, with a […]

Tweet Back in the 1960s when air travel was more of a novelty and airfare was dirt cheap, it wasn’t uncommon to hear about people flying from New York to Paris or some other European destination for the weekend. Leave on a Friday arrive back home late on a Sunday and then it is back […]

Tweet You are getting ready to book your next trip and are faced with a typical dilemma: should I fly with the big, impersonal air carrier that takes me to most any city on my list or should I opt for a smaller, regional airline that offers more personalized service albeit on a small jet? […]