Whether you will be flying for business or a long awaited vacation getaway, there are some things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. Everyone has heard the horrible stories of airplanes being stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours to facing cramped airline seats and unruly passengers. Fortunately, with a little preplanning, you can make a difference in the overall enjoyment of your next flight.

Choose the Best Location on the Plane

Did you know that some rows don’t have reclining seats? How about the fact that not all seats have access to a power outlet or a clear view of the movie screen? There are online sites dedicated to helping you choose the best locations on the plane for a roomier and more relaxing flight. Prior to booking your next vacation, be sure you know where you want to sit on your flight.

Choose the Right Seat

Have you ever been cramped into a middle seat only to have both armrests in use by passengers on either side of you? The middle seat is typically the least desirable, so it is a good idea to do what you can to avoid getting stuck in this uncomfortable spot. Some airlines will allow you to book your seat ahead of time; if so, make sure you reserve a window or aisle seat. In fact, if you are traveling with another passenger, book both the window and aisle seats in your row, leaving the middle seat available for extra space if the flight isn’t completely booked. After all, chances are, if a single passenger is looking for a seat, they aren’t going to pick a middle seat if they have another option.

Get Informed

Flying has changed a great deal in recent years. Be sure to check with the airlines regarding restrictions that could affect your flight. Know what you can and what you cannot bring on your next vacation flight. Some items will need to be checked and others might not be allowed even in your checked luggage. It’s best to plan ahead and be prepared.

Choose a Charter Flight

Charter flights can offer a number of advantages over most commercial flights. For example, when you book a charter flight you will be able to relax knowing that all FAA safety standards are rigorously adhered to; however, charter flights offer the advantage of being more flexible. There are generally non-stop charter flights available to almost any destination. Additionally, because it is a charter flight, which means no change of planes or layovers, you not only save time, but the chances of losing your luggage are almost nonexistent.

They say the most important part is not the destination, but the journey it takes to get to that destination. So when planning your next vacation, be sure to consider the advantages of being prepared. From choosing the right flight to picking the, most comfortable seat on the plane, a little preparation can go a long way in helping you to arrive at your destination ready for your adventure to begin.