If you plan on traveling abroad, it helps to know what kinds of potential surprises to be aware of. Visiting another country is always fun, but it helps if you don’t have your visit marred by surprises from bugs, rodents or other pests.

1. Wildlife

Seeing wildlife that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to visit with at home is always exciting. However, as with wildlife in other areas, it helps to follow a few commonsense guidelines about interacting with them. Some exotic species, such as monkeys, have a tendency to bite during feedings even if accustomed to people, so precautions like shots are helpful.

2. Snakes

Snakes are among some of the most-feared animals throughout the world. Even though venomous species are relatively rare, some countries have a higher concentration of them than others do. Use caution when traveling in outdoor areas that snakes tend to be common in, such as rocky areas or forested areas with heavy brush. Familiarize yourself with what types of snakes may be found in areas you’re traveling to.

3. Rodents

Although most modern hotels take care to prevent mice and rats from infesting their buildings, they can get in through small spaces even in well-kept locations. This is more common than you may think in many larger cities where there are fewer predators to keep numbers down, so be sure to watch out for any evidence of problems in any areas you stay in.

4. Spiders and scorpions

Both of these are quite common in different areas, and tend to be venomous. Spiders are often found in both wet and dry areas, while scorpions are most common in dry climates. Care should be taken during hiking or climbing, and closed-toe shoes with socks should be worn.

5. Ants

Ants are found in nearly every corner of the globe, but travelers are more likely to encounter large numbers of them in uninhabited areas. Though it’s often tempting to take a closer look at large anthills, this can provoke them and result in serious bites. Because many people have serious reactions to ant bites, this is a situation that needs to be avoided.

Even though it’s a good idea to take certain wildlife and pest-related precautions during travel abroad, it is a rewarding experience. You’ll enjoy the ability to experience different cultures and see unusual sights, no matter where you go.

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