Tweet Road trips are a great way to explore the beautiful, wonderful world before us. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when you set out on a trip and wind up crammed in a car with a few irritable people. When heading out on a long-distance road trip with a big group, heed the […]

Tweet Taking a road trip can be a fun and relaxing way to see the sights. If you look at the driving as part of the trip, rather than just a chore to get you to a destination, you can take the time to enjoy attractions and local adventures that you may have missed if […]

Tweet Road trips are always fun but require quite a bit of planning. Anything can happen once you start driving towards your destination. You need to be prepared in order to have the best trip possible. Here are some tips for preparing to make your next road trip a success. Print out Maps, Documents, and […]

Tweet Australia is the largest island and smallest continent that we know of. Along the 16 000 miles of coast or through the immense mainland where people to this day continue to look for gold, any person with a hint of enthusiasm and adventure spirit will have the opportunity to witness the incredible, alien-like landscapes, […]