Tweet Everyone wants to pay less for their hotel. It becomes worse when you talk to other guests and find out that you are paying much more than they. Here are some tips to not let that lower rate escape your grasp. 1. Discounts A number of hotels offer set discounts. These include business travelers, […]

Tweet When you are “this close” to the summer vacation season, your chances of finding an affordable vacation rental property are slim at best. Especially at popular beach and lake destinations. Saving money on your next vacation rental is possible even at this late date. You simply need to know what you want, where you […]

Tweet You have a big trip planned and will spend several nights in the same hotel. After three or four nights you’ll feel that you are at home, but only if the environment (your room, in particular) is a pleasant one. You don’t have to settle for just any room, mind you — here’s how […]

Tweet If you are a budget-minded traveler and are looking for a way to stay some place at the lowest possible cost, then a hostel might do it for you. A hostel is an establishment that provides basic lodging and inexpensive food, and is used by students, workers, and travelers. Hostel rooms are typically shared […]

Tweet Finding an affordable hotel stay can be a challenge with the nightly rate, breakfast, airport shuttle service and other fees included. That $95 nightly special can cost you more than $150 when all fees and taxes are added. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you get the best stay possible to fit your […]