The East Coast is full of wonders both natural and man-made. From the artistic city of Key West to the windswept coast of Maine, it is impossible to drive more than a few hours without finding a reason to stop. While it is possible to do the drive in a few days, the best way to really soak in the sights is to load up an RV, pack the rest of your stuff into a self storage unit near you, and take a summer to really explore the coast. Below are some of the top highlights of the drive.

Key West, Florida

The southernmost city in the continental United States is a charming artist’s retreat filled with seafood restaurants, craft shops, and colorful beach houses. Hemingway’s house is a popular tourist attraction, and it’s easy to fill lazy days there with fishing and eating.

Savannah, Georgia

A southern jewel, Savannah has much to recommend it. Though not particularly large, it is filled with things to do. The historic district is a wonderful place to wander, and River Street is the perfect place to spend a boozy evening on the water. It’s even possible to take a riverboat cruise while in town, truly transporting yourself back in time.

Washington D.C.

No list praising the East Coast would be complete without mentioning our nation’s capital. The National Air and Space Museum is one of the finest in the country and there are also countless memorials to visit, from esteemed presidents to unknown soldiers. The White House and the Lincoln Memorial are just two more required sights on a long list.

New York City

The City That Never Sleeps is world famous, and for good reason. You can find almost anything to do here, and authentic food from all over the world can be found. It is fast paced and energetic, and is also home to some of America’s national treasures. The Statue of Liberty being one, and the Empire State Building another.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Wrapping up the East Coast tour is picturesque Maine. Lighthouses and fresh seafood are just two things every visitor should take time to appreciate. The rugged coastlines and beautiful forests are another draw. A nice long sail is the perfect way to wrap up any visit to this northeastern town.

All of these cities are uniquely American while being completely different from each other. From southern exuberance to old-world northern allure, a trip along the East Coast makes it easy to see why Americans are some of the most fiercely patriotic citizens in the world. The best part is, even once this list is exhausted, there are still myriad of other attractions worth visiting so pack up your storage unit in Cleveland Ohio or your particular home town and get driving!