New York’s most populous borough offers fun for all.

Brooklyn, New York, is one of five boroughs or counties that compose New York City, NY. Although much of the city’s attention focuses on Manhattan, more people live in Brooklyn than they do in Manhattan. Visitors to the Big Apple should consider Manhattan’s larger neighbor when visiting the city, taking in several of its many top sites when in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade — You can’t escape Manhattan when you’re in Brooklyn, but that’s okay with most people. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a popular destination, one that provide a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. The promenade is part of the city’s park commission, a small park with a wide walkway and three monuments. Its the perfect place to cool down on a hot day, to take in the views and to watch the boats.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden — Who says you can’t find a garden oasis in New York that isn’t Central Park? The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was established in 1897 by state mandate, a 39-acre flora park with rock, Japanese, lily pool, herb, and rose gardens among others. The garden is noted for its prized collection of Japanese cherry blossoms, lilac, tree peonies and orchids. It features a tropical pavilion, bonsai museum and an aquatic house.

Barclays Center — Ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers left for Los Angeles 1957, the borough has been without a major league sports team. That all changed in 2012 when the Barclays Center opened and welcomed the NBA Brooklyn (formerly New Jersey) Nets to the arena. Beginning in 2015, the NHL New York Islanders will also call this arena home. Besides the two sports teams, Barclays Center also welcomes the Golden Gloves, Marvel Universe Live, and various musicians and sporting events.

Coney Island — There may be no other resort that is as famous as Coney Island. The area is a residential neighborhood, beach, and amusement park wrapped into one, and even houses the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team. Coney Island first began attracting visitors in the 1830s with its resort status assured by the beginning of the 20th century. Key attractions are Nathan’s Hot Dogs and the New York Aquarium, with numerous amusement rides, eateries, and a museum are also found there.

Bedford-Stuyvesant Historic District — Say, “Bed-Sty” to most people familiar with the neighborhood and images of crumbling homes, drug dealers and intense poverty may come to mind. Today, Bedford-Stuyvesant is on the mend with old brownstones reclaimed and refurbished to take on the look that they had when they were built in the late 19th century. DNA Info highlights New York happenings including a section on this famous neighborhood.

Brooklyn Bridge —It is doubtful that there is a more famous bridge in the world than the Brooklyn Bridge. Opened in 1883, the bridge connects Brooklyn with Manhattan, providing access to motorists, trains, bicycles, and pedestrians. Just as the Brooklyn Promenade provides beautiful views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge does the same. Moreover, walking across it is free and the adjoining Brooklyn Bridge Park with its public art, recreation events, and boating are big attractions too.

More Highlights

Beyond the mentioned destinations and highlights there are numerous restaurants, cultural destinations (Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library), parks (Prospect Park, Dreier-Offerman Park, Calvert Vaux Park), retail outlets (Fulton Mall, Fifth Avenue), and neighborhoods (Park Slope, Dyker Heights) to visit in this city within a city. Home to more than 2.6 million people, Brooklyn can hold its own, as it provides a taste of New York like none other.

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