Virginia is a state on the east coast that offers a large number of vacation spots. There are restaurants where you can get a delicious meal and attractions that offer fun for the entire family. Some of the destinations are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights while others are in the middle of busy towns.

Virginia Beach

This is the largest tourist attraction in the state. You can enjoy a sunny day on the sand, or you can play in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. When the sun goes down, you can explore some of the nightclubs and restaurants in the area. There are also piers that offer plenty of room for fishing.

Colonial Williamsburg

If you like history, then this is a place where you want to visit. The area is a living history museum as you can see people dressed as they would look in the colonial times. There are art museums in Williamsburg that feature pieces depicting how life was like during the time period as well as modern pieces by local artists. When shopping for souvenirs, you will often see that the items have a historical quality.

Busch Gardens

Explore an amusement park that has several roller coasters and rides for the kids. It has a European theme with both the food served and the attractions in the park. View live stage shows, play a game or two, and enjoy simulators, water rides and more before going home.

Arlington National Cemetery

Pay your respects to those who died during battles fought between the United States and other countries. There are graveside services held Monday through Saturday. You can view the services from afar, and you can get a map at the welcome center that shows where you can walk in the cemetery in order to get a closer look at some of the graves. There are exhibits and a bookstore as well.

The Natural Bridge

This is a marvel that you must see in order to really gain the true beauty. This is a National Historic Landmark, and there is a hotel close to the bridge. It has been created with rocks and other natural items to make it look like a bridge that you can walk along.


This is an area made known by Thomas Jefferson. It was his house while he lived in Virginia. There are 21 rooms in the home. While there, you can look at some of the mementos that Jefferson collected.

Virginia is the home of many great traditions and contributions to modern cuisine. What better way to celebrate this contribution than dining out at some of the great restaurants like Ynot Italian. This great state can fill you with wonderment as well as great eats. Consider visiting a local barbeque place for some authentic southern cooking. Your waist line will be sure to notice.

There are beaches to enjoy and amusement parks to explore. Some of the attractions are simply a way for you to enjoy nature. From the mountain areas to the coast, you can find plenty to do on vacation in the state.