Vacation is a time for freedom. You and your crew—be they your significant other, your family, or your friends—take a step away from the day-to-day grind and into a rule-free zone of sight-seeing, lazy days, and parties. Good times are the name of the game. But it’s important to remember that the real world never stops turning, and you will still need to keep the law in mind.

Drunk driving is never okay. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated puts everyone in danger: you, your vacation mates, and the strangers in the street. And you can’t always rely on the ride-share apps you use at home. Not every city has these services. Can you get around on your vacation without endangering everyone around you? Yep, it’s easy.

Find Other Ways to Get Around

You don’t have to drive everywhere. Vacation spots are often designed to make parties and other good times accessible to as many people as possible. There’ll be walkways, parks, and other big spots designed to keep traffic low and good times high. Try these:

  1. Walk. Taking a walk while on vacation can be life-changing. You’ll reflect on how great a time you’re having, you’ll work off the extra calories you consume at those mealtime hotspots, and you won’t be driving drunk.
  2. Bicycle. Many places offer bikes to rent or borrow. Take one when you head out! You’ll get your exercise, you’ll see the sights, and you’ll be less likely to overdrink. Keep in mind,  though, that drunk biking isn’t much better than drunk driving, and you can still be ticketed if under the influence.

Call a Cab

No Uber? No problem. Taxi services have provided reliable, affordable transportation to non-drivers for decades. They’re still around!

And let’s be honest: taxis are far superior to ride-share apps. The drivers are licensed, experienced professionals who know their streets like the backs of their hands. Cab companies pay their drivers fair wages. And companies like Uber have been plagued with endless bad publicity for their questionable ethical decisions.

Stay Sober

Perhaps the best way to avoid a DUI is simply to stay sober. Yeah, yeah, this isn’t always the most appealing option for some people, but think about it for a minute. An evening of sobriety isn’t so bad. A clear head will keep you and your vacation-mates safe. You’ll still be able to drive. And your head will feel a whole lot better in the morning!

You and your travel companions could take turns each night, ensuring everyone still gets to live life to the fullest while staying safe.

Get a Place to Stay Near Your Party Spots

Planning ahead will save you so much trouble. By taking the simple step of booking a hotel that’s close to the places you’ll want to drink, you’ll make walking easy and take the possibility of drunk driving off the table.

Have Fun, But Stay Safe Out There!

Vacations are supposed to be fun, but you’ve got to make sure things remain under control. Part of keeping things fun is preventing things from becoming dangerous. Stay safe, and have a nice trip!