When it comes to exotic, exciting and relaxing travel, South America is one of the most underrated regions in the world. This large section of the Americas has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. If you really want to experience something different the next time you go on vacation, here are four South American destinations for you to consider:

Punta del Este, Uruguay

American and European travelers who are not familiar with the socioeconomic history of South America are often left breathless and pleasantly surprised by this jewel of a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. Punta del Este was once a very private resort for well-to-do families of Montevideo and Buenos Aires; while it is still a very luxurious spot, it now attracts trendy international visitors in search of world-class nightlife.

Armenia, Colombia

If you enjoy rural tourism on the cheap, you must include this coffee-growing region of Colombia, which enjoys prosperity and high quality of life. Armenia was thoroughly rebuilt after a major earthquake struck a few decades ago, prompting guerrilla fighters to seek the protection of the jungle. Now that the government and guerrilla leaders are implementing a mutual peace agreement, tourists are discovering Armenia, a large agricultural community with a modern and stylish downtown area. The coffee plantation tours are highly recommended not just for the java but also for the delicious food platters.

Choquequirao, Peru

Everyone will tell you that Machu Picchu is the most spectacular place to visit in Peru, and they are absolutely correct. Some companies, like Kuoda Personalized Travel, know that this magnificent Incan city can get very crowded. If you are the adventurous type, you should visit Choquequirao, which many consider to be just as gorgeous as Machu Picchu. To get to this magical and ancient city, you will have to go a guided hike across the Inca Trail, and it will take you four days; however, the reward will be unforgettable.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Welcome to one of the prettiest cities in the world, where you can either relax or seek adventure. Rio de Janeiro is simply the most majestic city in South America; if you want to see truly capricious geography, you owe it to yourself to climb Pão de Açúcar, Sugar Loaf Mountain or the monumental statue of Christ the Redeemer. Later, you can explore the beaches and the sensuous nightlife.

Are your bags packed yet? Whether you choose to visit Brazil, Colombia, Peru, or Uruguay, you will never forget your trip to South America.