For many people, the idea of traveling means heading to destinations that are as scenic as they are enthralling. Below are unique travel destinations that are yet to be explored as much as they deserve to:

Igloo village, Austria

Igloo village consists of 18 igloos made purely from ice. Certainly unique in a number of aspects, this village is a unique attraction. There are tours every half hour to allow visitors explore the hidden treasures in this ice paradise.

Visitors who want to explore this cool destination may choose to spend a night or two at the village for the experience of a lifetime. There’s a church on location for those who would love to take their vows to another level, making this a unique wedding and honeymoon destination.

Izu Islands

Izu Islands in Japan are a breathtakingly unique destination for visitors who would want to go beyond the norm. Wondering why? The islands are located atop an active chain of volcanic mountains, making it imperative for guests to always don their gas masks when visiting the islands.

The lush greenery on the islands make for a picturesque destination for the brave who want to explore the island. – For visitors who believe adventure far outweighs the risk, scuba diving in the waters around the island makes Izu Islands an invigorating destination.

Craters of the Moon in Idaho

This National Monument and Preserve in Idaho continues to attract visitors from all over the world, even with its eerie landscape. Aptly named Craters of the Moon, the Monument is home to an array of volcanic features that make for an exhilarating visit. The features include volcanic rifts, caves and shield volcanoes.

Some of the activities that visitors can engage in include taking hikes, bird watching and photography. Nature enthusiasts who would like to explore the mystic caves of Craters of the Moon need to have permits.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Located in Central Singapore

This stunning travel destination is touted to be among the most unique places in the world. Gardens by the Bay effortlessly blend technology and nature to give visitors an amazing experience. The awe inspiring super trees are designed with amazing canopies that tower at 160 feet to give shade by day and create amazingly beautiful displays of illumination by night. These glow-in-the-dark super trees are what dreams are made of, giving visitors a memorable experience.

The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are home to over 210,000 types of plants from all over the world that give the gardens a natural touch. Interestingly, the gardens are made sustainable by waste which is recycled and used to generate power as well as manage the climate within the gardens.

Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

Seemingly detached from Sri Lanka, this peninsula offers a picturesque destination. – The stunning sand dunes at Manalkattu draw tourists to Sri Lanka annually. – The pristine clean beaches along the peninsula are perfect for water activities as well as those who would want to explore nature in its undisturbed form. Rich in culture, Jaffna is a unique destination for those willing to explore earth’s precious destinations. If need be, simply get your Sri Lanka Visa visit and head to some of the most scenic places in the world.

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