Road trips are one of the most quintessential things to do during the summer season. Packing up the car and getting out of town is one of the best ways to disconnect and decompress from life’s daily stressors.

While a summer road trip is a great opportunity to get away and relax, there are some unexpected and uncommon hazards to consider when keeping your commute stress-free.

Inclement Weather

Road construction and traffic congestion are common during the summer months, and even though it’s stressful, you expect both to occur and know how to drive safely in or around congestion and construction.

One of the biggest unexpected and potentially hazardous things when traveling is inclement weather. Summer storms can arrive without warning and leave just as quickly. Driving when it’s hailing or if there are high winds should be avoided whenever possible. Not only is it dangerous but it can also be extremely stressful.

The best thing you can do is keep a close eye on the forecast as you travel and know what to do if you encounter bad weather while on the road (such as using your hazards).

Getting Lost

With the technology we have today, it’s less common to get lost while traveling. Even if you a high-end GPS and some helpful apps, getting lost is still possible and it can be stressful. Fewer things are more frustrating than not knowing where you are when you have a car full of tired and hungry kids, and the temps are well above 100 degrees.

You can avoid getting lost by having up-to-date apps on your phone, but it’s also smart to buy a physical map before you head out on the road. You may also want to check DOT websites to see if there are any construction projects that will cause a detour. Worst case scenario? Don’t be afraid to ask a local for directions.

Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

When you’re traveling on the highway, it’s not uncommon to share the road with thousands of big rigs every day. If you’re used to sharing the road with these large vehicles, it’s probably not too stressful.

Although long haul truck drivers are devoted to safety and are just trying to do their jobs, they can also be a stress factor on the road. They put in long hours on the road and just like us; they are prone to human errors and stress or fatigue while behind the wheel.

Remembering to keep a safe distance from large trucks, using extra caution if you need to pass, and staying alert around a big rig will keep you safer and less stressed.

Expect The Unexpected

Unexpected and uncommon things can occur at any point during your road trip. Making sure that your car is in good working order and having a summer emergency kit in your car can be helpful in a variety of potentially stressful situations.

Using common sense, staying alert, and practicing defensive driving can help to make your summer road trip a success.