Zoos - Aquariums - Gardens

Emporia Zoo
Naturalized exhibits with a blend of native and exotic birds and animals presented in an area noted for extensive landscaping and horticultural features.
Rolling Hills Wild Adventure
Are you looking for a real wild animal adventure? Then you should think about visiting Rolling Hills Wild Adventure Park in Salina
Sedgwick County Zoo
Nationally renowned Zoo that is the 18th largest in the US and is the state's most popular tourist attraction with nearly half a million visitors annually.
Topeka Zoo
Animals from 70 species. Includes children's zoo. General information, exhibit overview, enrichment information, animal photos, ...
Wichita Gardens. Beautiful arboretum and botanical gardens that strech across 300 acres of trails, lush gardens, wildlife, sculptures and more.
Bartlett Arboretum
Robin Macy didn't know Bartlett Arboretum in its glory days, but she saw something in it that locals had become blind to – its unique promise and towering ...

Dyck Arboretum of the Plains
Displays of native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees intermingle with carefully selected adaptable plants.