A weekend getaway is the perfect chance to relax and unwind. Packing to get ready for it shouldn’t stress you out so much that you need a vacation. With a bit of careful planning, you’ll find that it’s easy to pack everything you need for the weekend.

Make Your Own List

Everyone worries that they’re going to forget something and have to pay a premium price for that forgotten item. To avoid this situation, you might turn to online packing lists. Unfortunately, these lists always include everything you might possibly need. If you were to take a careful look at the list, you’ll probably find that there are many things you could do without. For instance, sunscreen might be essential for a beach trip, but it’s hardly necessary if you’re looking at the fall foliage at a B&B in Vermont. If you want, use those lists as a guide, but don’t include things you don’t really need. Think about where you’re going, what you’re doing, and make your list accordingly.

Think Small

You’re going on a weekend trip to a single destination, not a month-long tour of Europe. Think about comfort and convenience. For instance, if you’re going by plane, you don’t want to risk lost baggage, so make sure that everything you want fits in a carryon bag. You might want to take along your favorite shampoo, but you won’t need the whole bottle. Purchase smaller bottles and fill them up with your favorite. Pack them separately to easily take them out when you go through security at the airport. A minimalist wallet is also a good way to travel light. You only really need a few credit cards and your driver’s license. 

Carefully Choose Clothes

You want to choose your clothes based upon where you are going for your weekend getaway. For example, if you are planning on going to a place that has a beach, then you will want to pack a bathing suit and lighter clothes like short sleeved shirts and shorts. If it has been awhile since you have been to the beach, then you might consider buying some new clothes and a bathing suit as your wardrobe might be outdated. You can do so by using things like 6pm coupons from discountrue.com to help you save money during this endeavor as you will probably be spending a fair amount on your getaway.

Make Use of the Space

Rolling your clothes rather than folding them usually makes for more space in the suitcase. It can also prevent wrinkling, so you won’t need to bring an iron in case the hotel doesn’t have one. If you’re packing shoes, don’t leave them empty. That’s valuable space. Instead, stuff them with small things like your socks or toiletries. If things are getting tight, it might be time to re-evaluate your packing list to see if there are things you can leave out.

There’s no need to bring everything you own on a weekend trip. Carefully plan to take only the things that you need and you’ll find that it’s much easier to fit everything into your bags. Your trip will be much more enjoyable.