Road trips are a staple in the summer. You can cruise down the open road with friends or family with music playing on the radio and the wind in your hair. Whether you prefer camping in the great outdoors or sleeping in elegant hotels, you’ll want to take time to stop and eat. When planning your next road trip, make time to see some great restaurants along the way.

Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor and Eatery

Ohio is one of the only places in the world where you can sit down and dine on pizza in a real covered bridge. While other states tore down these bridges, locals living in Ashtabula preserved an old bridge, moved it to a new location and turned it into a pizza joint. It even boasts cruise-ins filled with vintage cars on Thursday nights

Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe

If your road trip takes you through Kirkwood, Missouri, make a stop at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe. This restaurant offers special dishes like buffalo BBQ pizza and the Hodge Podge sandwich, which comes loaded with Italian meats, cheese, mayo and fresh veggies. With multiple locations, the restaurant makes it easy for you to grab a bite to eat while in the city. It also has a little something for everyone, so it’s a good compromise if you are with people who can’t agree what to eat.

The Safe House

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin restaurant lets you channel your inner James Bond. Its spy theme carries over from the hidden entrance to the dishes featured on the menu. Those working the front door require that you either state the password of the day or complete a fun mission before you can step inside and order.

Heart Attack Grill

When the bright lights of Las Vegas start calling your name, plan a trip to the Heart Attack Grill. Waitresses working in the restaurant dress up like nurses and present you with a menu filled with items your doctor wouldn’t like. The crowd favorite is the Bypass Burger, which comes with multiple slices of cheese and up to four hamburger patties.

Dixie Stampede

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is home to a number of tourist attractions, but you won’t want to miss Dixie Stampede, its signature restaurant. Dixie Stampede provides diners with a live show that features actors, horses and special effects. The main meal comes with chicken, pork and sides like corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Dixie Stampede now offers special meals for gluten-free and vegetarian diners.

No matter where your road trip takes you, you can have fun at some great restaurants. Try pizza, unique dishes and traditional meals on your trip. You don’t have to eat at fast food restaurants that make you feel sick when you are in a hurry, as there are many local options to consider.