Have you planned for your next out of the country travel yet? If not, make sure to consider giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the city – take some time to relax and unwind. But for those who have their plane ticket’s ready and the countdown is over, it’s time to do the preparation for your most awaited travel.

Packing your stuff is a crucial part because you don’t want to miss a single thing. Be careful and just pack the items that will be useful for your travel. Leave no room for stress! Because we got your back, we have a checklist of everything you need to include in your luggage. Let’s get started.

1. Camera

Memories will last forever but getting back to the travel experiences you made through some photos is priceless. Also, you need to make your social media followers jealous sometimes by sharing your instragrammable photos and putting #TravelGoals.

2. Money/Card

You can’t travel without bringing cash or a credit card. Bringing both is fine but using the card instead of cash is preferred by most travelers because it’s convenient. Of course, you may want to go shopping, dine in a restaurant and buy souvenirs for your friends and loved ones.

3. Passport & Visa

Unfortunately, you can’t go without your passport and visa. Make sure to check the expiration date of your passport and have your visa fixed up 5 days before your travel date.

4. Earplugs

Whoever invented earplugs is a genius. You need this item with you at night if you want to have a good night sleep in your hotel. They also come in handy when exploring different attractions in the country riding a taxi, bus, and train.

5. Toiletries

Bring a roll of toilet paper with you all the time. You don’t want to have an emergency toilet problem when your stomachache strikes. Public toilets are not as good as those in your hotel and probably not as clean. Who knows?

6. First Aid Kit

It’s a must to bring this with you whether you are an adventure or leisure traveler. You don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation in the hospital.

7. Medicines

Don’t forget to bring medicines. Paracetamol is one of the most well known medicines, ointments for your body pains and insect bites and most importantly pack some diarrhea medication. You can use a small pouch or ziplock to store these medicines.

8. Smartphone & Sim Card

Keep in touch with your loved ones even when you are away on a trip by using a Global Sim Card. Of course, a smartphone to contact them and to use google maps or other GPS apps to avoid getting lost. Be sure to have it fully charged and never go without your data connection.

9. Notebook & Pen

You might say “Why bring a notebook and pen when you can bring a laptop?” Nothing beats lying on the sand, documenting your beach experience using your notebook and pen while hearing the waves of the water hit the sand.

10. Jacket

Be sure to bring a jacket or something to keep you warm like mittens, scarf and a hat if you are traveling to a cold country.

If you know someone who is in need of our travel essentials checklist, make sure to share this with him/her on Facebook. It will be a big help for sure! If we missed anything, kindly let us know in the comment section. We love to hear your travel experience too!