Australia Travel and Lonely Planet claim that there are over 10 000 beaches in Australia. Everybody knows about Bondi, Manly and Coogee, which are the biggest and the most visited beaches in the Sydney area. These are definitely the ones that you will go and check out, but there are more beaches in Australia that you need to see, even though they are not among the most famous ones. These five may not be the most popular, but they have their charm.

Bronte Beach


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Surrounded by a Bronte Park is a lovely Bronte beach. Sandstone cliffs and the park, as well as the crowd free environment make this place perfect for families, recreationalists and couples. Spending a day at this beach and combining it with nice walks in the park can be a great romantic date. There are even some of the BBQs in the park that you can use and then head back for basking in the sun on the beach.

Fisherman’s Beach


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There are not a lot of swimmers at this secluded stretch of land, but, as the name suggests, a lot of little fishing boats are always on the horizon. You can walk to the rock formation that borders this beach and explore the rocks for fossils. Just across is the golf club that has its waterfront as well, so you are not that far from the civilization. Those that find this secluded place romantic usually pick this beach as one of the most interesting outdoor wedding venues in Sydney.

Long Beach


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The best way to experience this lovely beach near Sydney is come and set up a nice little camp for a day. You can swim and sunbathe and you can even enjoy golfing if you are into that. However, sitting on the beach and waiting for the great migrating whales to appear is just as nice. Windsurfing and kitesurfing is also available there

Cable Beach


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If you can get your eyes off the pure white sand and awesome waters, you will notice that this tropic paradise has a lot more to offer. You can enjoy camel treks or even learn about pearl lugger experience. Either way, you will see something completely remarkable and unforgettable. The Old pearling town is quite near as well, if this experience makes you want to find out more. However, if you just want to stay on this tropical beach and relax, that is fine too.

Whitehaven Beach


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Since this amazing place is on the Whitehaven Island, you can reach it by boat, ferry, seaplane or helicopter. Even arriving there is fun. Once you are there, you will be on the 7 km of white silica sand that makes you feel like you have dropped on another planet. The peace and quiet are just as amazing as the view of the white sand and clear waters. This gem is in Queensland.

You can hardly go wrong when it comes the Australian beaches. Each and every one of them has something interesting and charming about it. You need to figure out if you want an active day with a lot of sports by the sea, or a secluded place to be alone with your thoughts and the sound of the waves.