Are you planning to have a family vacation in Australia but do not know where to go yet? If so, then you have just come to the right page. We will list the top 10 best places to visit for Children in Australia.


They call Victoria ‘The Garden State’ because of its ‘all-green’ environment countryside. It preserves some of its British colonial infrastructures and architectures. Breath-taking mountains and beaches are very fascinating here. Have a trip to Phillip Island National Park, Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Collingwood Children’s Farm, Balart Wildlife Park, Adventure Park, and many more only in Victoria, Melbourne.


UN decomposed beauty and nature, heritage, and wilderness are rich in Australia’s crown called Tasmania. Once you step foot in its land, you will directly see how they preserve its natural resources. The place has the cleanest air and water, as well as unspoilt soil and sun energy. Hasting Caves and Thermal Springs, Holly bank Treetops Adventure, Tasmanian Wildlife Parks, Douglas Apsley National Park, Zone 3 Laser Games, and more are the places you can go with your kids.


Queensland, also known as ‘the holiday state’, is where people often travel to It holds activities for all ages. Popular holiday destinations here are the Great Barrier Reef, its Aussie beach culture, Surfer’s Paradise, Australia’s Outback, and World Heritage Rainforest. A great number of national parks, beaches, islands, and rainforests can be seen and enjoyed in Queensland.

New South Wales

Splendid beaches, subtropical rainforests, snowy mountains, and desert islands are predominant in New South Wales. Coastlines and rivers are embraced by green countryside. You and your children will definitely have fun at Glen worth Valley, Flip out Trampoline Arena, Trees Adventures Park, the Big Banana, Timber town Heritage Theme Park, Narooma Lighthouse Museum, and so many more

South Australia

South Australia is renowned for its good food, fine wine, and temperate climate. The premier vineyards are the McClaren Vale, Barossa, Goonawarra, and Clare Valleys. It features a great number of native wildlife, a sea lion colony, and national parks. And take note, the capital city of SA is Adelaide. When you get here, do not forget to tour to Adelaide Oval, River Torrens Linear Park Trail, South Australian Museum, Art Gallery of South Australia, Cleland Wildlife Park, Game Room Essentials, Glenelg Tram, and Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Western Australia

If you want an authentic experience, you can visit Western Australia, but what is in this place? Your kids will definitely love to see the world’s largest fish, which is the whale shark that can only be found in Western Australia. The place also inherits unspoilt beaches and wilderness areas. The capital city of WA is Perth, and it has famous destinations for kids, such as Perth Zoo, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Museum of WA, Sci Tech Discovery Center, Perth Mint, Swan Bell Tower, Caver sham Wildlife Park, Adventure World, Fremantle Prison, etc.

In fact, several tourist destinations have not been mentioned in the list. However, what you know there are the most renowned spots for children and kids to visit.

When you decide to go to Australia, do not forget to bring your Australian Visa.