One of the highest expenses of traveling is the cost of the hotel rooms, which can cost hundreds of dollars for a single night. To stay within your budget without compromising on the quality of the room that you stay in, there are a few ways to save money while making reservations. When booking your room, follow several tips to obtain the lowest rate possible and take advantage of discounts that may be offered.

Ask for a AAA Discount

A majority of the hotels that are available are willing to offer a AAA discount to all members, which can easily shave up to 20 percent off of the rate of the room. Ask ahead of time and have your member info available to secure the discount before checking in. Be sure to present the card during check-in to ensure that the discount is applied.

Book During the Off-Season

Hotels are well aware of when they’ll have more traffic and customers during the year, which is when they’ll hike up the prices for their rooms. Instead of booking your stay on a Friday or Saturday, consider staying on slower days throughout the week when more rooms are available. You can also book a room during the fall or winter months when less people are traveling, which is when hotels drop their prices and offer more discounts.

Use a Group Discount

A large portion of the customers that stay at hotels are customers who are traveling for business purposes. Many companies specifically book hotels that have flexible spaces where employees can facilitate events or meetings and stay in the same hotel. This often entitles travelers to get a discount if enough employees stay at the establishment.

Book the Room Online

A number of websites offer lower rates for one to five star hotels throughout the country simply by booking your room through the website instead of calling the hotel directly. Consider finding a room on,, or where you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck without compromising on the quality of the hotel. You can also check out the hotels website such as at Monte Carlo Inns, one of the many hotels in Mississauga, Ontario, to check for discounts they may be offering.

Instead of paying full-price for a few nights at a location that you’re planning on staying at, it’s important to look for discounts or promotions that are available throughout the year. It never hurts to ask and can significantly reduce the overall cost of traveling simply by knowing how flexible the hotels are with their prices.