There will be times when you just have to get away. When a vacation is in order, it’d be nice to hop on a plane and just go. Well, if you’re taking care of your elderly parents, it’s not that simple. There’s got to be a balance between making sure you have a great time and making sure they experience one too. Thankfully, there’s a happy medium. You can do both.

Day Trip

A staycation is a vacation where you go somewhere local. You might book a hotel stay for the day and enjoy getting pampered with spa treatments, room service and lots of rest. In this case, ask a trusted friend to stay with your parents while you recharge.

Utilize Respite Care.

If you’d really like to get away and book a vacation with your spouse or close friends, consider hiring extra hands to help out. Respite care services like Cornerstone Hopspice and Palliative Care are beneficial for making sure that your loved ones are well taken care of and happy. This type of care is usually when your elderly relative will go and stay elsewhere for three to five days, which is a good amount of time for you and them to catch a break from each other.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Choose vacations that are wheelchair-friendly. It’s probably not a wise idea to go on a physically adventurous vacation like hiking in the Andes, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or walking up the Great Wall of China if your relative has any type of handicap disabilities that could prevent them from walking too far or at all. Leisure trips that involve lounging on the sandy beaches of Aruba or taste-testing local dishes in Italy are more realistic and just as enjoyable for everyone.

Disney World

If you have young children and elderly parents, Disney World is a great common ground. As expected, most children love the thrill and excitement of Disney World. It’s also a great place for your aging parents to enjoy and be around the energy of such child-like wonder. After all, grandparents love being around their happy grandchildren. Make sure to keep all medications, wheelchairs and lots of water in tow, though. Keep a map available to know where the restrooms are and keep snacks, sunglasses and sunscreen on hand as well. Try to choose a time when it’s not scorching hot for a more enjoyable time.


Getting on a boat and being surrounded by water is a very serene experience. This can be very therapeutic for both you and your parents. Cruises are great because there are so many fun things to do that are entertaining. There are live shows and live music. The food is good and your parents have the opportunity to meet people their age. Just make sure to pick a cruise that’s not so much of a party boat and actually can provide them with some relaxing downtime. You will also want to check ahead to make sure the stops included are conducive to your parents’ needs.

There are ways to still enjoy life and make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. As long as you keep a healthy balance, your quality of life will improve and the same goes for everyone around you.