Hotel stays can be a fun and exciting part of your trip. If you struggle staying in beds that are not your own, however, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Either way, here are some tips for making your hotel stay as comfortable as possible.

Tip the Housekeeper

Just leaving a couple dollars each day for the housekeeper can encourage them to go the extra step to make your room more comfortable. Be sure to leave a note with the cash explaining that it is for the housekeeper.$1-2 per person per night is a reasonable amount.

Ask for a room on an upper floor and away from the elevator

You will experience less traffic in the hallway during the night. It is also safer since it is more difficult to break into an upper floor. The best spot is between the 3-6 floors, where fire engine ladders can reach if necessary..

Ask For an Extra Key

Key cards in hotels can be made in a matter of seconds. You usually will get two, but you can ask for more. Put this extra key somewhere, like in your wallet, where you won’t forget it in your room. You can avoid the hassle of a lockout.

Use Your “Do Not Disturb Sign”

You will experience a rude awakening if housekeeping begins early. Get in the habit of placing the sign on your door whenever you’re in the room.

If Offered, Go to Breakfast Early

Many hotels will offer a continental breakfast for their guests. The earlier you arrive the fresher the food will be and the more variety will be offered. In most hotels, you can run down and

Use Your Safe

Most hotels have a safe available for valuables. Anytime you leave the room, make sure to lock up any valuables, including electronics. Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a lost or stolen items.

In general, staying in a hotel should be a very pleasant experience. However, by taking the above secrets into account, you can be sure that you have the best stay possible the next time you travel.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about travel and spending time with her dog, Max. For a great Downtown Oklahoma City hotel experience, check out Bricktown Hotels in OKC with a jacuzzi in every room.