If you plan traveling with a plane, bus or other vehicle, you need to pack well and be prepared. To stay clean and fresh while traveling and keep a good personal hygiene, use these travel tips. They will keep you and your belonging clean, so you won’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy your travel.

First you need to take care of the cleanness of your shoes.

Take a shoe shine kit with you or you can just take some white vinegar to polish your leather shoes. Most hotels can supply you with vinegar. Use a cloth to rub your shoes with it and they will be strikingly shiny.

Pack your shoes by wrapping them in some plastic bag and place them on the top of the your luggage over your clothes.  This way they won’t make the rest of your baggage dirty and prevent any unpleasant smells penetrating in your clothes.

Pack your all your toiletries in some zipped plastic bag

This way they will be stored in one place and create less mess in case something happens and some of the chemicals in them make an explosion. This is a safety and precautionary measure.

If you want to have a light baggage but you have planned a couple of days traveling, you can take a few packs of laundry detergent. They will do you work in case you need something to be cleaned urgently. You can also use the hotel soap if you are staying at a hotel. The hotel soap can provide successful cleaning of some stains like wine, grease or other obstinate marks on your clothes.

Stain remover pens are a great way to clean hard to be removed dirty spots, done during your holiday, are saying from Quality Carpet Cleaners London. The pens are light, practical and can save your favorite clothes from red wine, ketchup and almost any stain. 

Another thing you can’t go traveling without are the alcohol wipes

They are disposable disinfecting wipes, that can be used to clean your hands before eating in the plane, bus, car or somewhere out. You can also use them for cleaning any dirty object. They are a better option for cleaning when traveling than the hand sanitizer, which is heavier. But on the other side, hand sanitizers are an option to keep your hands and face clean during the traveling, in case you don’t mind taking heavier objects. After your flight, bus or car travel finishes, use the sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

Pack a dryer sheet with your luggage

Take it in your suitcase if you pack shoes and clothes in one place together. This way you can guarantee yourself that the shoes won’t leave any bad smell in your clothes. Dryer sheets are also a great way to keep any mosquito and bee away from you.

Take a pack of fresh mints with you and refresh yourself during the traveling

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is taking a bottle of water with you. You will certainly need it to stay hydrated while traveling Moisturize your hands and lips with some hand cream and lip balm. Before applying moisturizing cream on your hands, use a hand sanitizer or some wet wipes for cleaning them well. You can refresh yourself during the travel if it is possible by showering your face and hand with cold water. This will revive your skin and make the traveling less unpleasant.

Staying fresh and clean while traveling is something which you can achieve by preparing the necessary cleaning and refreshing  cosmetics and cleaning products. Pack you things well separated one from another, take some cleaning products, deodorizers and water and your travel can be pleasant and exciting.