Spring is not far off. You are ready for a vacation and even more ready to get out of the cold weather. When deciding on vacations, many families think instantly of a beach for sun and sand. But there are many other options for this year’s planning.

Planning the Trip

Numerous online sites are available to help plan your vacation. The best sites give you more than just a calendar and a list of hotels. One of the most interesting sites is Skycanner.com. This has all the usual bells and whistles of a travel site, but it also researches locations few would consider. For example, recently they listed the top ten National Parks few had ever visited. The lists on this site alone could keep your family taking unique vacations for decades.

Consider, too, utilizing the undervalued travel agent. A quick phone call and interview to a professional travel agent and all the work is done for you. You only have to decide where you want to go and the duration of your stay and the travel agent will take care of the rest.

Road Trip

With low gas prices continued this spring, you can save a ton of money off of airfare and load the family up for a road trip. Driving through the desert, hopping on bikes to visit vehicle-prohibited islands, or camping under the stars in the Big Bend National Park on the Texas/Mexico border could be the answer. No matter where you drive in this country, the scenery changes with almost every hour. Depending on how much time you can get off during the Spring, you might even consider doing a cross country road trip. The only problem with that is you tend to spend more time in the car than you do on an actual vacation. Although you can enjoy some nice site seeing while on a road trip.

Water Vacations

Water vacations are not often considered when sitting with the family to discuss plans. Not beach vacations, necessarily, but river and lake vacations. Many major lakes have large resorts with all-inclusive experiences. Local restaurants around these lakes will have incredibly fresh local fish. Nocqua is a company that makes lights for nights camping near or even on the lake. Whether lights for scuba gear or lights for paddle boards, the company excels at providing a unique night time experiences on the water.

Another little thought-about water experience are underwater resorts. Resort rooms, restaurants, and swimming pools all offer incredible and unforgettable views. Whether a couple night stay or the stop for an entire week, an underwater resort promises an always changing landscape. Not to mention, it will likely be a very new and cool experience for you and your family.

A final tip no matter what your vacation plan is. Many families use the final vacation day for packing, stocking up for the return trip, and one last swim day. But consider loading that last day with local activities. No matter what vacation you plan, the last day should be as much anticipated as the first. You’re on vacation. Enjoy every last second.