Owning an RV is a ticket to adventure and a chance to travel at your own pace. However, just like any other large machine, RVs do come with their own set of concerns. If you choose to ignore these issues, you could end up stranded out on the open road. But, if you make sure to perform regular maintenance and take care of your RV, you will have no problem driving around the country.


This is a no-brainer. The RV battery can die just like any other battery. If your RV will be parked or is not going to be started for several days, you will want to charge your battery at least every eight to eleven days. If you are at an RV park, you should be able to plug it into shore power. If the battery is not charging this way, there is a problem with the power source, not your RV.


RV experts say that the majority of repairs center around an engine problem. However, it usually isn’t a huge costly problem, but rather something small. A filter that needs to be changed or coolant that needs to be refilled tops the list as the repairs most often needed. Make sure that you are familiar with the maintenance schedule of your RV. It will not only save you a hassle down the road, but also it is much cheaper to maintain than having to replace once a problem arises.

However, if your problem is major, then you will definitely need to seek professional help as it is best not to try and fix an engine by yourself. Most repair shops, like Chehalis Collision Center, should be able to give your engine a full inspection as well as resolve your issue for you.


The most common issue among RV owners is electrical problems. Every RV is equipped with an electrical AC 110-Volt that is able to sufficiently power the vehicle’s appliances. However, the unknowing RV owner can overload the source. Hair dryers, blenders and coffee makers are the biggest culprits when it comes to tripping a circuit breaker.


After traveling a long distance, your tires will inevitably suffer some wear and tear. If they haven’t been properly maintained, then the tires will wear out even faster, posing a huge risk for you and anyone else traveling in the RV. Imagine driving down the highway at a high rate of speed when you experience a tire blowout. The result could be more than just getting new tires, your RV could also suffer body damage from the impact of the blowout.

If you do find yourself stranded out on the open road, make sure to call a dependable towing service that can take your RV to the nearest mechanic so that you can get your issue fixed as soon as possible. However, with regular maintenance and care, your RV should give you thousands of miles of uninterrupted adventure.