If you hop the globe or are otherwise on the road a significant number of days each month, staying relaxed is important. Too much stress can wear you down, make you sick and compromise your health. Here’s what you can do to stay relaxed while you are on the go.

Prioritize Your Health

The most important person in the health equation is you. That is why when it comes to your busy schedule, your health is paramount. You wouldn’t neglect your automotive oil changes to keep your car running well, so take the same approach with your health.

One of the regular complaints of travelers has to do with indigestion and other food-related ailments. Clearly, keeping an eye on what you eat can limit those problems. You may also find that eating smaller meals aids in digestion. To avert hunger, eat five or six smaller meals, spacing these apart by a few hours. Drink filtered water and limit your alcohol and coffee consumption.

Exercise Wherever You Are

Your exercise routine can be compromised when on the road. You’re not in familiar surroundings nor is your usual equipment with you.

Don’t let an ever changing environment keep you from getting exercise. Most hotels have gyms and spas, and there should be ample and safe places to run or take a brief walk. Ask the front desk about recommended places to get a work out.

Long flights can take a toll on your body too. Unlike a car ride where you can stop every two hours, get out and exercise, you’re stuck within a skinny cylindric tube for hours on end. Still, if you can get up and walk up and down the aisle, that’s good for keeping your blood flowing. You can also exercise in your seat by twisting your upper body, pulling up your legs, and moving around your arms. Just take care not to whack the person in the next seat!

Enjoy Airport Services

You’ll feel much more relaxed if you take advantage of airport services as you wait for a flight or find yourself between flights. All airports have places where you can relax and not just a bar.

Your airline’s captains clubs are a place for you to go in and listen to music, get a bite to eat, connect online or read a book. Most airports now have spas, where you can get your nails done or enjoy a back rub. Or simply find a quiet corner and enjoy a brief nap.

Feel Good Items

Security restrictions mean you can no longer bring comfort foods and snacks from home. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — you can buy what you need at the airport as desired.

What you can bring with you are an assortment of comfort or feel good items. These include ear plugs, a special pillow, a sleep mask, and slippers. For the long flight, wear a comfortable sweater and loose clothing — even if your trip is for business, you can save the business dress for when you arrive at your location.

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