If you are planning an RV getaway in the United States, there are endless possibilities for adventurous vacations that allow you to see the sites and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are a long-time RV owner, a newbie, or you are still thinking about buying one, there are a few places that should be on your “must see” list.

Grand Canyon National Park

If seeing the Grand Canyon isn’t on your bucket list yet, get out a pen. To enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the U.S., the Grand Canyon National Park offers a campground to visitors next to the 277 mile long canyon. Guests are encouraged to hike the Bright Angel or Rim trail, participate in river rafting, and enjoy picturesque views while riding on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Whether you love serious hiking and river rafting, or just want to enjoy the scenery, this place is a win for any family vacation.

Yellowstone National Park

For the outdoor enthusiast who wants to enjoy a bit of adventure in a beautiful setting, Yellowstone National Park is an ideal location to stay busy at while staying on the campground in an RV. Here, you can enjoy hiking the canyon, camping, and wildlife viewing, boating, fishing, and taking excursions with the rangers that are on-site. Yellowstone provides one of the most versatile spots for a getaway, so no matter your taste, you are sure to find an activity to suit you.

Arches National Park

Located in eastern Utah, Arches National Park is where rock formations can be explored on a number of different trails. Several ranger-led programs are also available to guests with multi-day trips offered during the week. A different approach than staying in the forest, this trip will give you a chance to explore the beauty of the desert and marvel at amazing rock formations on exciting hiking trails.

Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World

Yep, Disney World. For the ultimate outdoor experience in a magical setting, this campsite features 750 acres of a cypress and pine forest with wildlife freely roaming the area. Guests can enjoy a fully-equipped campsite with a waterslide and pool nearby, as well as horseback riding, archery, and canoeing. If you want a luxurious vacation without having to wait in ride lines for hours, take to the forest and enjoy the beauty of Florida through new eyes.

Spring Drive RV Campground

For families who want to unwind in a secluded environment that offers plenty of privacy, the Spring Drive RV Campground is located in Mount Hood National Park and features a number of streams, lakes, and trails to explore. At night, guests are welcome to cook on the fire pits and listen for deer and other wildlife that roam nearby.

To enjoy a relaxing RV getaway that allows you to spend time in the great outdoors, there are a number of vacation spots to visit throughout the year. With the number of adventures and activities offered, it makes it easy to disconnect from the outside world and have a greater appreciation for some of the most beautiful sites in the country. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Fretz RV, an RV dealership in PA.