Whether your trip is for relaxation, business, or just a family visit, there are numerous ways you can travel within our nation’s most populated cities. When you begin looking for your method of transportation, think about the amount of money you have to spend on gas and how much time you have to devote to being on the road and in the air.


This is probably the best option if you only have a short amount of time to spend in the city you’re visiting. Air travel will get you to one destination quickly without dealing with the road traffic. You can often find discounts for tickets online, or you can use miles that are earned with some credit card companies so you pay as little as possible to fly.

While flying, you can relax and let the stewardess take care of the needs you have on board so it’s perfect for a trip where you want less stress and more time in the city. This is perfect for really big areas like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Big airports often are more equipped to streamline travelers of all types and you can get into the cities by subway more easily than in smaller airports.


A car is a great idea if you aren’t worried about money spent on gas and if you want to have some time to see some of the sights along the way to your destination. One of the things to keep in mind about driving is that you need to make sure your vehicle is in sound condition so it can handle a long journey.

If you’re traveling with children, then you need to make sure they have something to keep them busy while in the car as well. This can get better than an airplane for them since you can stop whenever you need to, and won’t have to disrupt other travelers.

While in a city, make sure your car will be able to navigate through it. Use a GPS tracker if possible and make sure you have thought about parking it in different areas and that it will be able to be left alone for periods of time while you explore the city.


If you’re not traveling far from home and live near a major city, then consider riding a bike. This will give you a way to get exercise on the way, while also giving a different look at some of the buildings and roads within the city. If you have arrived from a long distance and are spending a few days, consider bikes as a means of getting from activity to activity throughout the day.

This is perfect for preserving your legs and trip schedule as well. You also won’t have to worry about paying for buses or subways throughout the day if you can simply rent a bike and take it directly where you want to go. Most major cities also offer bike sharing at many popular locations.


A train is a fun way to explore a city and get from one part of town to another. You can take a train from one coast to another with a few stops in between so you have a chance get out and stretch your legs. Classes from an online master’s degree in civil engineering will tell you America’s train an travel infrastructure systems are still being updated.

The East coast might have more train options than the West for example, so keep this in mind as you choose. A meal is often served on long journeys and some larger trains feature sleeper cars, giving you a way to save money on hotel fees while traveling.

Traveling is often done for enjoyment, but can be for business as well. Regardless of the reason for exploring a major city, you need a way to travel and get around the new place. Explore options online before making a final decision since as you can see, different methods of transportation will give you a much different experience along the way.