The trip you have been planning for months is finally days away and you have all the big events planned out, but you now have to start preparing for the actual time on the road. Consider a few of the following road trip essentials to make your next adventure a little easier.

Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit

You never know when your tire will give out on you, and where exactly this will happen. If you’re in the middle of a busy highway, you can pull over as safely as possible to repair your tire. Setup the emergency kit and return to your car until the tire has enough air in it. You can then drive to the nearest repair shop to make sure the tire is still safe to use the rest of your trip. You might need to change your tire completely if it is not fixable, so be sure to always travel with a spare.

First Aid Kit

Minor injuries or headaches that come along can be tackled with some medicines you can bring along in a first aid kit. You don’t want to spend tons of money finding a doctor on the way for minor medical issues. You know yourself and your body, so use this knowledge to personalize the first aid kit to your needs. Include bandages, anti-bacterial scrub, medicines, and anything else you might need.

A Map of Your Road Trip Route

GPS devices and smartphones might not be as reliable as you think. Batteries dying or devices crashing can leave you stranded with no directions to follow. This is a good time to either print out your directions or carry a map of your intended routes.

Roadside Assistance Membership

This is a very important thing to have because you never know when a car emergency will be more than you can handle on your trip. Having a membership to roadside assistance will come in really handy if you’re stuck somewhere and will make it possible to get a local Ozona tow truck to remove your car from its location, as well as assist you in any way possible.

Basic Tools Bag

This can include everything you have in the tool bag you use at home. Some things to include are wrenches, a few screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, a flashlight, and a pocket knife.

Before starting your road trip, think about all the possible scenarios you have had with your car, and imagine all of these scenarios happening during this trip. Prepare for each one well and have all your tools organized and ready to use.