Ask anybody, and they will tell you that flight delays are a bother and complete hassle. Nobody wants to have their flight delayed, and yet this happens more often than we may think. In fact, flight delays are an all-too-common occurrence in all of the world’s airports. But if you have suffered from a flight […]

When it comes time to choose a retirement community, it can be a difficult decision. Not only does budget factor into your final decision but so does the amenities the facility offers. However, these aren’t the only features you should consider when looking at the different communities in your area. If you want to make […]

The Sistine Chapel in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, bright white buildings topped with blue roofs that dot the island of Santorini, Greece. These are just a few sensational destinations that every seasoned traveler has visited. But the world is full of natural wonders that merit a visit, especially for the traveler who’s looking […]

Most people love to vacation but hate the planning phase. In fact, an Omnibus survey in 2014 found that 89% of Americans hate planning vacations. Luxury resorts take a lot of this stress out of the equation, because you can expect to have fine amenities waiting for you. However, not all luxury resorts are perfect […]

Owning an RV is a ticket to adventure and a chance to travel at your own pace. However, just like any other large machine, RVs do come with their own set of concerns. If you choose to ignore these issues, you could end up stranded out on the open road. But, if you make sure […]

Alaska is one of the last few places one can visit in the US and truly feel like they’re far from civilization. The state is filled with beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife and a few cities and towns spread throughout. First time visitors to Alaska may not know what to expect. The following are 4 tips […]

A fun way to enjoy a family vacation is by taking a trip in an RV. You don’t have to worry about staying in a hotel, and there are often numerous activities at campgrounds so that the family has something to do together. Everything that you will need for the trip, such as food and […]

Most people enjoy traveling throughout the year with their pets for a great way to spend extra time with their four-legged friend. Unfortunately, traveling with an animal can be challenging when it comes to taking a road trip or boarding a plane. To ensure that your trip is smooth and that your dog or cat […]

If you’re an outdoorsman who loves adventure and getting back to nature, there are a number of exciting locations waiting for you. Here are just 5 great getaways for the adventurous man. 1. Paddle the Grand Canyon. Explore the wonders of the Grand Canyon while paddling down the Colorado River. This white-water rafting trip offers […]